• There is a full outline of costs and services provided on the fees page. Our costs per consultation hi low
  • The work we do is complex and requires great attention to detail and is time-consuming and frequently emotionally draining because, for many of our patients this is the ‘last chance saloon ‘. There is a definite emotional strain for a doctor helping patients in such a situation because the clinical challenge is to find a way through medical ‘no man’s land’ rather than apply a well-established treatment algorithm which is more usually the case in medicine. For our patients the ‘evidence-based’ medical algorithms and routines have not proved effective hence the complexity of consultations.
  • Our service differs from the average general practice service because, in contrast to the average publicly-funded general practice we receive no payment for administrative staff, premises, medical insurance, locum holiday payments or study leave.
  • Helping patients with unexplained symptoms is an area of medical practice which involves a lot of metaphorical ‘medical heavy-lifting’. It is challenging work emotionally and in terms of the need to be attentive to detail.
  • Purchasing and maintaining medical apparatus for our specialised services is very expensive.
  • We are obliged to maintain special extra and quite expensive indemnity insurance to cover intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions, ozone therapy and prolozone  therapy
  • Our consultations take a long time and a lot of staff time is involved in collating results before consultations and in explaining to patients how to carry out certain tests et cetera so as to be sure that everything is understood to help you towards the best possible outcome.
  • Laboratory investigation costs are outside our control. You will pay laboratories directly  but I stress if it put a great strain on your resources to pay for tests  then, maybe don’t waste your money on consultations because, frequently to get a good outcome for patient the results from the laboratory investigations are  crucial. Solving the problem of chronic unexplained illness is difficult. I may be somewhat  intuitive but I am not clairvoyant. We need to reduce the possibility of going round in diagnostic circles!