Double-blind Trial Vitamin D and Covid 19

The results of the first randomised, controlled, double-blind trial using Vitamin D and Covid 19 have been released.

This was a small pilot study however the results point strongly in the direction of the usefulness of vitamin D

 76 patients with confirmed Covid 19 who were admitted to hospital, also had confirmed viral pneumonia and were split into two groups.

  • One group was treated with vitamin D
  • One group was not treated with vitamin D
  • Both groups received up-to-date Covid 19 treatment.The outcome measures assessed were:
    Admission to the intensive care (ICU)
    and/ or
  • 50 patients were given vitamin D on the day of their admission and on day 3 and day 7 of their hospital stay and each week weekly until either admitted to UCU or discharged from hospital.
  • 26 patients did not have vitamin D.
  • Neither patient nor doctors were aware who was receiving vitamin D. .
  • Of the 50 patients treated with vitamin D
  • One person ( 2%) required ICU admission.
  • None died
  • All were discharged without complications
  • Of the 26 untreated patients
  • 13 (50%) required ICU admission.
  • 2 Died
  • 11 were discharged

Comment: This is  a small study but it seems pretty obvious what course of action one ought to take!