You and I have a joint mission, a shared endeavour, to get you well again.

The mission is to restore your quality of life. To have a decent night’s sleep, feel rested in the morning, have energy for work, family and friends. Get rid of pains and aches and abdominal discomfort. Have a clear head and improve cognitive function.

I consider my job is to help patients who have failed to respond well to standard medical treatment.

The approach I currently use is probably best described as ‘Functional Medicine’.

In Ireland, Functional Medicine is not considered to be an evidence-based medicine.

Functional Medicine is an attempt to look at what has gone wrong in the patient’s biochemistry and physiology and not to focus solely on the treatment of a disease.

Standard medicine focuses on the treatment of a disease, but Functional Medicine focuses on the treatment of the person who has the disease or disorder.

Please give the questionnaire your time. I want to help but you must help me to help you.

Someone who has chronic/long-term symptoms will need a 360° assessment.


Please fill out each section thoughtfully and clearly.

You need to be an active partner in the doctor-patient relationship – we need to work together.

Please reflect carefully before you fill out the questionnaire. We need to organise your information carefully.

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