Why is the Myers cocktail administered an IV?

Because the Myers cocktail is administered directly into a vein the nutrients can bypass a poorly absorbing gastrointestinal tract and get directly to the person’s cells.

How many intravenous infusions do I usually recommend?

Patients respond well to a course of four or five intravenous infusions given over the course of about two weeks.
Supplements and intravenous infusions

Many of the patients I see have severe symptoms of magnesium deficiency and very frequently these individuals have already have been taking oral magnesium prior to seeing me without much benefit. Some of the common symptoms which may be suggestive of low magnesium are tight neck and shoulders, palpitations, feeling wired but tired, waking stiff in the morning, a feeling of the chest being too tight, leg cramps, sensitivity to headlight glare. Generally speaking magnesium deficiency symptoms respond dramatically to a course of Myers IV infusions.

How will I know the IV infusions are working well for me or not?

You will begin to feel a lot better, body will be a lot looser and more relaxed, your brain also may feel looser and more relaxed and you may feel less anxious. You hopefully may find yourself sleeping much more deeply and feel much more rested

How long are the good effects likely to last?

The short answer is 4 to 6 weeks but for some people significantly longer. Some individuals, even on a good supplement program, find a lot of benefit in receiving Myers intravenous infusion occasionally on an ongoing basis e.g. at times when they are very busy at work or have to undertake long-distance travel in multiple time zones.. Other individuals are ‘poor absorbers’ that is their oral absorption of vitamins and minerals is below par. Other individuals may be what are sometimes referred to as ‘magnesium wasters’ – i.e. they do not hold on well to magnesium and tend to lose it tend to lose it very easily in their urine and so they need a much higher magnesium intake than the average person.

Nervous about needles?

Our nursing and medical staff are very experienced – all you will experience is a momentary sting as the needle penetrates your skin – after that the needle is withdrawn and only a soft plastic cannula remains under your skin for the few minutes during which the infusion is being administered. The soft plastic cannula is very comfortable – if you really are anxious we can also use a local anesthetic cream to dull even the very slight momentary sensation of the needle.

Any Side Effects?

I have never heard a report from a patient of any long-term side effects from having a Myers cocktail.

Sometimes people may feel very warm or, sometimes, there may be transient lightheadedness. I do recommend having some food before a Myers cocktail. If you were going to get a Myers cocktail done immediately after having fasting blood tests then I suggest have an apple banana or a snack with you and immediately start eating as soon the nurse has taken your blood test so that you have a reasonable blood sugar during the Myers.

Although this is seldom reported in the medical literature I do notice, very occasionally that some patients may feel tired or slowed down for 2 to 24 hours after a Myers intravenous infusion. The likely explanation is that the Myers may switch on their detoxification chemistry.

Can I have an intravenous infusion without any detailed functional medicine consultation?

As long as your GP or consultant is happy that you have no serious medical condition which would get in the way of you being safely given Myers cocktail then prior to the first infusion you will fill out a brief questionnaire and have an examination with our nurse to make sure you are fit to have an IV. That’s all that is needed.

So, really, you are free to have access to intravenous infusions without going through full functional medicine assessment. I do feel though, that, if you have significant symptoms then it’s really important to find out what exactly is going on with you – you need a proper functional medicine diagnosis. If a patient has a complex persistent illness then I think they need a full assessment.

Myers cocktail can be a fantastic side treatment but we really need to find out what the root cause of the symptoms is. In conditions such as e.g. Lyme disease Myers can be a supportive treatment but it is not going to really ‘cure’ the condition.

Please note, though, you are free to ignore my advice and just go straight to the infusion.

What about Myers cocktail and cancer?

Because I am not an oncologist and because of the medicolegal situation in Ireland I do not undertake any cancer treatment. I will, though, try to do what I can to improve energy and well-being in cancer patients. Sometimes Myers can help cancer patients improve their energy but one of the drawbacks can be that, in a patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, their veins may be very poor. That being said some patients certainly seem to get an energy boost and I always will try to help though I think that patients with cancer would probably do better in terms of their energy response if they had also some high-dose / ten pass multipass / ozone treatment.

A Guide To Your Visit

Functional Medicine Ireland

Prior to the first consultation you will fill out an e-mail with details of your health background to facilitate our assessment of your medical problems.

At the first consultation, we will arrange relevant medical investigations, including blood tests, hormone investigations, adrenal stress tests etc.

Sometimes, as a ‘kick-start’ to your system, intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions may be suggested as an initial booster.

The second consultation takes place when all the test results are available.

Your Functional Medicine treatment plan blends standard medical treatment with nutritional/ biochemically-based therapy. The aim is to work in harmony with your body’s innate healing capabilities rather than suppressing them.

The third consultation typically takes place about 6 to 8 weeks after the second.