News update January 2021

For the moment in the interests of social distancing and minimising any possible opportunities for Covid 19 to spread we are, at the Drummartin Clinic, not undertaking any patient contact lasting longer than approximately 10 minutes.

This decision was taken reluctantly but I think in the interest of public health and the health of our nation it is the only sensible course.

The following continue as usual :

  1. Online consultations
  2. Blood tests
  3. Ear ozone treatments
  4. Ozone joint injections

When you arrive for your appointment

Please phone us when you arrive outside the clinic , remain in your car and we will call you in as soon as we are ready for you – we want to keep everyone as far apart as possible..

For the moment we cannot do:

  1. Multipass ozone treatment
  2. Intravenous infusions e.g. Myers infusion, glutathione, phosphatidylcholine et cetera
  3. Ozone sinus injections – these have to be done without a mask and involve close face-to face contact between doctor and patient