A Personalised 360 Approach

PMS Treatment and PMDD Treatment

Dr. Magovern’s 360 approach to medicine involves looking at the body, its complex systems and how the environment, lifestyle and to some extent genetics influence health and wellbeing. Often patients suffering from conditions such as back pain, low energy and digestive disturbances will also suffer from underlying issues such as inflammation, poor digestive function causing poor absorption or hormonal disturbances.

Dr. Magovern’s approach involves sitting down with the patient, learning their history which often takes up to an hour in the first visit. From there, Dr. Magovern will follow the 360 matrix used to model all of the symptoms experienced by the patient using some diagnostic techniques and putting together a comprehensive 360-degree view of the patient’s health in order to fully diagnose and treat not only the condition but also the symptoms experienced by the patient.



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