Drummartin Clinic

At Drummartin Clinic we have vast experience of over thirty years of investigating and treating medically unexplained symptoms.

Our aim is to find out:

  • What is going wrong for this person i.e. why do they have these symptoms?
  • How can I get them back to vibrant health and well-being rather than merely existing courtesy of all the pharmaceuticals taken every day?
  • We hope that by finding out what is wrong we can also make you healthier for the rest of your life so that you age better and have quality-of-life in your later years.
  • We do not replace your own G.P. or specialist.Please think of what we do as an add-on to your standard medical treatment and not a replacement for it. I work in parallel with your own G.P. or consultant. I do not replace your G.P. or consultant. Your G.P. is the appropriate and competent person whom you should first attend with any new medical problem.
  • Before making an appointment: If you have any worrisome medical symptoms, weight loss, unexplained night sweats, change in bowel habit over 40, please do not immediately seek functional medicine treatment – the first thing to do is to see your G.P. and get his or her evaluation and advice. Irish General practitioners are very skilled in acute diagnosis. So please first bring symptoms which need checking out to your G.P. before coming to see us.
  • In Ireland, the range of complementary medical treatments on offer is far behind the continental EU. The prevailing paradigm in Ireland is pharmaceutical.
  • Irish medicine does not accept and, mostly, ridicules naturally based therapies including functional and nutritional medicine
  • The attending doctor has madea diagnosis and you are actively undergoing treatment,but there is little or no improvement in symptoms.
  • The patient is not satisfied with the diagnosis g. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine syndrome, premenstrual syndrome,  or ‘depression’s and the patient wishes to drill down and find out what is going on biochemically and treat at a causal level rather than purely medicating the symptoms
  • The patient is going from doctor to doctor and feels a they are not being heard this would include fatigue situations, chemical sensitivity, brain fog and mild cognitive impairment, Post viral syndrome. Mould problems will usually also fall into this category.
  • The patient ‘cannot take’the usually prescribed medical treatment this will include people who have difficulties taking anti-inflammatory drugs, difficulty taking steroids, who are intolerant of antidepressant medication.
  • The patient is complaining of symptoms which sound bizarre and may make the doctor wonder about the patient’s mental state and which may also make the patient doubt their personal sanity. This will include people suffering from unusual symptoms such as electromagnetic sensitivity/sensitivity to electric shocks, atypical  ticks,  spasms and seizure type events. Some of these symptoms may be referable to mould or to chemical sensitivity
  • The patient has been told: “there is nothing physically wrong with you”. This group comprises a high percentage of our patients and also will include a lot of patients from the ‘unusual symptoms’ group immediately above.
Nurse Kathryn Teehan
Dr Patrick Magovern
Drummartin Clinic Staff