Before yo make an appointmentBefore you make an appointment be fair to yourself : think before you commit.  I don’t think it is worthwhile for patients to just have one visit. To hopefully get to the root of a significant problem and have a good patient outcome requires several consultations, laboratory investigations and medical/nutraceutical treatment

If you have worrisome symptoms, before you make an appointment, it is  crucial you first see your GP to have serious illnesses ruled out – you don’t want to be going off trying to treat a brain tumour with functional medicine as a primary treatment – so see your GP first. GPs are well-trained and skilled as  acute diagnosticians.

There are no magic secret cures for e.g. cancer. We get regular phone calls from individuals wishing to treat their cancer with ozone. There is strong anecdotal evidence that ozone both reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy, helps the patient feel better during chemotherapy, and may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. But Ireland , a country which is rather closed to new therapies,  I always ask patients to first get consent from their oncologist which is rarely forthcoming.

If you have completed your cancer treatment and are seeking supportive treatment to restore your general health and explore any possible noxious influences on your immune/detoxification system, then I am happy to help. You will have completed your treatment and so the decision is then yours alone.

The supportive treatment might take the form of investigating any toxic chemical or fungal overload – factors which may be carcinogenic and hamper the functioning of your immune system.

We have found that for many patients ozone treatment has helped with overall energy and well-being. Oxygen/ ozone therapy has also been shown to improve mitochondrial and tissue functioning and to deliver a broad anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-infective effect. Also, some of our patients who have had cancer treatment have found that intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals give them a helpful energy boost.

Before you make your appointment please be aware of the treatments we do not provide.

Your GP is the go-to person for any acute health problems.

  • I do not prescribe pharmaceutical antibiotic antibacterials.
  • I very rarely prescribe anti fungals when there is laboratory or clinical evidence of fungal infection.
  • Your GP is the person to manage and prescribe for your blood pressure.
  • I do not prescribe antidepressants, sleeping pills or tranquilizers.
  • I do not administer or prescribe intravenous antibiotics.

If you want to have the standard treatment for Lyme disease, then before you make your appointment, your GP or an infectious diseases doctor is the correct person to consult.

Doctor Writing on Clipboard

I do not prescribe standard painkillers or opiates.

I do not treat infertility per se but if you have an infertility problem and are experiencing poor general health, then it may be helpful for me to see you on the basis that I am working to improve your general health and lower the overall level of inflammation in your body.

It seems logical that improving your digestion which hugely influences your immune/inflammatory status ,  along with working on your mood, brain fog, aches and pains etc should hopefully make it more likely that you may successfully bring a pregnancy to term.

If you are seeking to use functional medicine to improve your responsiveness to infertility treatment, then I would suggest that you discuss it with your fertility doctor and give me 6 to 8 months to work with you with  a view to then returning  to your fertility doctor.

Remember, patience and dedication are crucial when dealing with infertility, as it may take time to achieve significant improvements in your reproductive health.