Pelvic Pain Treatment

The Frankenhauser pelvic plexus injection

**(The Frankenhauser injection is a complementary medical treatment which is not part of standard medicine. We introduced this treatment at Drummartin Clinic beginning September 2023)**

The Frankenhauser injection has been one of the most usefuland sometimes miraculous – treatments which I have learnt in my 40+ years as a doctor.

Sometimes the psychological scars of emotional trauma or abuse or the physical after-effects of surgery may prevent women (and some men) from having healthy sexual lives.

Two-minute video by Ryan McWhorter MD speaking about this wonderful treatment

Neural Therapy operates by administering a combination of procaine, nutrients, and homeopathic, resulting in the restoration of normal functioning. This approach has been utilised safely in Germany for over a century since the discovery of procaine, yielding seemingly miraculous outcomes.

This medical modality –  injecting the skin or nerve plexuses with procaine  – can result in instantaneous relief from many types of pain.

The purpose of this treatment is to specifically address and eliminate any energy blockages that may occur as a result of trauma, infection, or scars. Scars can generate interference fields that may result in disturbances in remote areas of the body. It is widely acknowledged among experienced doctors in the field of neural therapy that injecting procaine into scars can effectively restore normal nerve function and reopen blocked energy flows and acupuncture meridians.

In Drummartin, we incorporate ozone as an additional element in a treatment enhancement technique devised by Frank Shallenberger MD. This serves to further optimize the outcomes achieved for our patients.

The human pelvis possesses an independent neural center: While we are familiar with the concept of a “second brain” in the abdomen, there is also a distinct “third brain” located in the pelvis known as the hypogastric plexus or the Frankenhauser plexus.
This is named after Ferdinand Frankenhauser, a German gynaecologist from the 19th century who conducted pioneering research on how pelvic nerves work.

Patients may occasionally encounter unfavorable outcomes following pelvic procedures, surgeries, or adverse life events, which can result in nerve damage.  Medical procedures like hysterectomy or cesarean section, infections, gynecological procedures, instances of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and occasionally even psychological abuse.

Circumstances where this procedure may be of benefit include: Endometriosis ( the growth of endometrial tissue which ought to be limited to the lining of the uterus but which is instead growing outside the uterus, also), painful periods, abnormally heavy or irregular periods, lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain, backache (particularly when in association with the  menstrual period.),

The list also includes painful intercourse, a sense of pelvic discomfort and downward pressure in the pelvis, lack of  sexual desire or interest, or  inability to have orgasms. Unexplained problems conceiving, recurrent bladder infections, interstitial cystitis and premenstrual syndrome,  also urinary symptoms  such as frequent urination (especially frequent bathroom visits at night ) despite hormonal optimisation.

Women, in general, have a much higher need for this procedure. The most prevalent reason for administering the Frankenhauser plexus injection is to address the residual anatomical disturbance that occurs after surgery in women. Many women complain of loss of feeling in some part of their pelvis after hysterectomy. Injecting the hysterectomy scar also may result in frequent normalisation of feeling. Injecting the Frankenhauser plexus can return sexual pleasure and orgasms to women who had lost their capacity after surgery.

Men, too, may have disorders of the Frankenhauser plexus but of course they have a different anatomy. Low back pain prostate problems, lower bowel complaints and sexual dysfunction are l indications to consider treatment for men.

Treating the long-term consequences of sexual abuse: Prolonged depressive symptoms and sexual dysfunction, including decreased libido, frequently manifest following instances of sexual abuse. Even after undergoing psychotherapy for a span of 20 years following instances of rape or incest, a significant number of patients still grapple with enduring psychological consequences. The decrease in sexual desire is already unwelcome, but the presence of severe depression and low mood intensifies the situation. Numerous women turn to medication as a means to alleviate their symptoms and may encounter episodes of profound despair. This is not to underestimate the excellent benefits of good psychotherapy but to emphasise that patients can additionally  benefit from treatment of the missing physical/energetic ‘jigsaw piece’.

A Patient with 25 years of severe pelvic  pain Despite our limited  experience with this procedure, we have observed some exceptional outcomes within a short timeframe. On one lady, shortly after administering the Frankenhauser plexus injection, which, although it may sound unpleasant, is minimally uncomfortable and only requires a few minutes, I observed significant alterations in the mood and facial expression of a woman in her late forties who had endured 25 years of pelvic pain. Usually as she walked, she   leaned slightly forward curving her back slightly,  but immediately afterwards her posture became more upright, conveying a greater sense of purpose. In a moment of vulnerability, she shed a few tears and embraced me. Following this, she successfully restored a healthy sexual relationship with her husband and rediscovered the enjoyment of their intimate life. In addition, she also was able to easily tolerate  undergo pelvic floor physiotherapy, which further aided her.

Severe Period Pain: A 22-year-old patient, suffering from severe period pain that caused her to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, experienced significant relief of her symptoms during her next menstrual period. . This experience has been repeated in another young woman with very severe period pain who would have spent most of the first one to two days of their menstrual period lying on the bathroom floor.

The procaine and ozone reboots the nerds and enables them to start firing again normally by restoring their electrical potential, allowing impulses to travel without interruption. All of these mirrors that control capillary function – if the nerves are dormant or dad capillaries do not open to allow normal blood flow and the delivery of proper nutrients surrounding tissues.

Individuals who have overcome severe childhood sexual abuse may undergo a significant emotional breakthrough in the form of  an emotional release. For example immediately after the injection the person may have a brief memory of the sexual abuse which happened in the past. They may then feel anger, rage or shed some tears . The patient usually will have released the negative m=emotions  within a few minutes. Occasionally a grieving process may follow which can last up to several weeks and the most common end result is that the chronic pelvic pain or depression completely subsides

Michael Gerber, MD of Reno, Nevada, has reported a case of a female patient who endured severe childhood sexual abuse and underwent every conceivable therapy for  decades and whob had quite the opposite reaction.

When this lady was told by Dr Gerber that she might have an emotional release of old memories of sexual trauma “she fretted about it beforehand. But with her first treatment she instead experienced a delightful feeling of innocence and purity sweeping through her body with a sense of euphoria and lightness she said that she felt very virginal and childlike, as if the events had been cleaned away. She felt great afterwards as most patients usually do”

Frankenhauser can also help a variety of other conditions . Some women complain that   after childbirth libido diminishes and this is a common indication for neural /ozone therapyand  possibly also a hormonal assessment .

Another noteworthy occurrence that we have observed is the presence of chronic bladder infections in women, characterized by persistent burning pain in the bladder and intense, hot-burning-poker-like pain during urination, often accompanied by frequent urethral spasms. The majority of these patients achieve swift relief through the administration of 1-3 injections. Sometimes, the relief can be long-lasting, while in other cases, multiple injections may be necessary at weekly intervals. However, the relief is typically immediate and brings great satisfaction.

Patient Experience

I am a 24 year old female who has had longstanding problems with severe allergies, fatigue and very troubling pelvic and urinary symptoms.

My energy levels and overall quality of life have improved greatly since my first visit with Dr. Magovern. His treatments, particularly the Ozone therapy for my pelvic pain have transformed my life, and I would recommend the clinic to anyone with complex health issues