Booking Consultations Drummartin Clinic

Booking consultations Drummartin Clinic involves the following:

  • Before  booking consultations at Drummartin Clinic with Dr. Magovern, it is essential that you complete your New Patient Questionnaires and send them by email into to reception.
  • Your first consultation at Drummartin Clinic is a one-to-one with Dr. Magovern and will last approximately 80 to 90 minutes. During this consultation Dr. Magovern will go through your health history from birth to your current age, your past and current symptoms, and he will ask you a long series of questions to fill in any gaps.
  • This is a very important part of the process, whereby Dr. Magovern aims to understand what has affected your physical and emotional health in your whole life so far, and what he feels the most important medical issue(s) might be. In most ‘mystery symptoms’ medical cases, a very careful and searching first consultation is the cornerstone of a successful outcome.
  • Dr. Magovern is likely to recommend that certain tests be done in order to confirm the diagnosis and add further information, so that an appropriate initial treatment plan can then be put together.
  • The costs of the tests are not included in the consultation fee – most of the test fees are paid by the patient directly to the laboratories. Drummartin Clinic has agreed an arrangement with the majority of the labs that we use, whereby our patients can avail of the tests at wholesale prices. Drummartin Clinic takes no commission or other fees in relation to this.
  • The second consultation normally lasts approximately 50 minutes and usually takes place after the patient’s test results are available.
  • Once the test results are received from the labs, Dr. Magovern will integrate and explain the patient’s medical history in light of the findings from the investigations, and will then put the initial treatment plan in place. The treatment usually will consist of a multi-faceted approach, usually including nutritional supplements and occasionally prescription medication, including hormones where relevant. Dr. Magovern may also recommend some specialist self-help exercises for patients to do at home, and sometimes some ozone, intravenous treatments or neuro-feedback therapy.
  • Sometimes there will be enough data in the first consultation to suggest an initial treatment approach, so as to begin the improvement process as soon as possible. In such a case, working out a treatment plan takes the best part of an hour and there never really is the time to squeeze this into the first consultation. In cases such as these, in the interest of starting treatment as soon as possible, a second consultation may be organised relatively soon after the first.
  • Think of functional medicine treatment happening in ‘layers’. After the second consultation, the first layer of treatment needs time to work (unless treatments such as IVs, ozone or neuro-feedback are involved), so the third consultation will usually take place about 6 or more weeks later.


  • We have two secretaries on reception who are very well-informed in terms of whether it is likely that I will be able to help you or not – if you are unsure, please have a chat with them in the first instance.
  • We must see your completed questionnaire before we commit to giving you an appointment.
  • I always stress that I am not a magician. There are no gold-plated guarantees of a good outcome, but I have been doing this kind of work for most of my medical career, which now spans over 40 years as a doctor. You will need to work with me, and may have to make lifestyle changes, in addition to using nutritional supplements/medicines.


Any patient coming from the United Kingdom – and that unquestionably includes Northern Ireland – or Europe must have all consultations in person. This is regardless of whether there is a general practitioner or consultant referral.


We have long consultations in Drummartin Clinic, and people generally book well in advance, so we need two full working days’ notice of a change of appointment. For example, we need to know by Wednesday afternoon if an appointment for the following Monday is being cancelled. Brief notice cancellations inconvenience the practice and deprive other patients of needed appointments.

If you cancel an appointment at short notice (ie. less than 2 full working days) you will be charged half of the fee for that appointment. Cancellations emailed in over the weekend will not be seen by staff until Monday morning and therefore do not constitute adequate notice for a Monday or Tuesday appointment, and so the cancellation fee will be charged.

We are trying to provide a good service to all our patients, and we thank you for your consideration.

If you have additional questions about booking consultations at Drummartin clinic contact us using the details on the this page