When is it worth considering Drummartin Clinic?

When you have “been everywhere and seen everyone” doctor-wise. Most of our patients have exhausted standard medical diagnostic and treatment options. “Nothing more can be done” is the usual phrase. It may be pain, it may be headaches, it may be fatigue or an autoimmune condition or a chronic inflammatory response syndrome or your bowels, or menopause, or sleep or anxiety or cognitive issues or depressed mood which is just not responding to antidepressants… Whatever it is life is just not really worth living.

We will search diligently to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms and hopefully make you well again. We will work co-operatively alongside your G.P and/ or consultant. We will avoid recommending any treatments which will conflict with your prescribed medicines – we blend standard and complementary medicine so as to give you the benefits of both medical systems. Hopefully with help from all of us in Drummartin Clinic and good doctor-patient teamwork your life will , once more, really be worth living again.

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Have you failed to discover an effective solution for your medical problems? Have you consulted widely and been thoroughly investigated? Have your very unusual or varied symptoms raised medical eyebrows? We combine pharmaceutical medicine, functional medicine, intravenous therapy, and medical ozone treatments to hopefully restore your quality of life.

Before seeing us we request that if you have any new red-flag symptoms e.g. new suspicious type headache, severe fatigue, or change in bowel habit in an over-40 year old person, or other issues which require a standard evaluation, that you see your GP first to make sure that something needing urgent treatment is not missed.

We have asked a selection of our patients to write about their experiences being treated by Dr. Magovern at Drummartin Clinic. Please read our patient testimonials.

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We seek to restore lives. We have decades of experience investigating and treating complex or unexplained illnesses, and we see 30-50 new such patients each month. We cannot promise particular outcomes, but we have been told more than once, that the effects of our treatment have been ‘life changing’.

Pharmaceutical medicine is important, and especially so in acute/emergency situations. We are certainly not anti-pharmaceutical. Frequently, the skilled use of pharmaceuticals in long-term illnesses helps maintain and restore quality of life. Nevertheless, the medical profession must avoid the temptation to sometimes, reflexively label unusual or mysterious symptoms which do not easily fit a standard ‘disease’ pattern, as purely being a manifestation of stress or a ‘somatisation disorder’.

We seek to help the disillusioned patient who has “been everywhere and tried everything”. Our aim is to bring physical, mental and emotional well-being back to people’s lives.

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Our Mission at Drummartin Clinic is to offer fresh thinking, an actively listening ear, and decades of GP experience along with extensive skills in functional, complementary and nutritional medicine. We are thorough and adept at also thinking outside the standard clinical ‘box’.

We like to think we are kind and completely non-judgemental.

For the best outcomes in healing, patients need to be actively involved in the healing process, and doctor-patient teamwork is an important part of this. Without wishing to sound too jargonistic, patients need to engage with their inner healer.

Being truly well is not the same as just “not being sick.” Many of our patients have been told, before coming to see us, that they need psychotherapy and ‘stress management’. We believe our functional medicine approach can eliminate the root cause of symptoms.