Main reasons we are consulted and problems treated frequently

  • Most patients who come to see us have multiple symptoms.
  • Fatigue, Brain fog Poor memory/Poor concentration,
  • Unexplained persistent pain,
  • Unexplained gut/abdominal issues and nausea,
  • Difficult menopause and food and chemical sensitivity/ allergies top the list.

The attending doctor has made a diagnosis and you are actively undergoing treatment,but there is little or no improvement in symptoms

The patient is not satisfied with the diagnosis ie. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine syndrome, premenstrual syndrome,  or ‘depression’s and the patient wishes to drill down and find out what is going on biochemically and treat at a causal level rather than purely medicating the symptoms.

The patient is going from doctor to doctor and feels a they are not being heard this would include fatigue situations, chemical sensitivity, brain fog and mild cognitive impairment, Post viral syndrome. Mould problems will usually also fall into this category.

The patient ‘cannot take’ the usually prescribed medical treatment this will include people who have difficulties taking anti-inflammatory drugs, difficulty taking steroids and who are intolerant of antidepressant medication.

The patient is complaining of symptoms which sound bizarre and may make the doctor wonder about the patient’s mental state and which may also make the patient doubt their personal sanity. This will include people suffering from unusual symptoms such as electromagnetic sensitivity/sensitivity to electric shocks, atypical  ticks,  spasms and seizure type events. Some of these symptoms may be referable to mould or to chemical sensitivity

The patient has been told: “there is nothing physically wrong with you”. This group comprises a high percentage of our patients and also will include a lot of patients from the ‘unusual symptoms’ group immediately above.

  • Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity

  • Severe Daily Fatigue, including

  • Chemical Sensitivity

  • Pain / Inflammation / autoimmune

  • Hormonal Issues males and Females

  • Female-Specific Issues Health Issues

  • Skin Conditions

  • Ear Nose and Throat

  • Respiratory and Ear Nose and Throat Disorders

  • Digestive and Gut problems

  • Neurological Conditions, Headache

  • Headache and Migraine

  • Brain, Sleep, Cognitive Issues , Depression, Anxiety

  • Unusual Symptoms which may raise some doctors’ eyebrows

  • Infections which ‘won’t go away’

  • Recurrent Infections