Some of the ‘bread-and-butter’ treatment goals:


This means having a body that‘works’. We need energy for work, leisure and family.

Have a normal mood without troublesome brain fog or short-term memory issues.

Restore emotional balance and wherever relevant, get rid of emotional ‘short-fuses’.

Have a body which comfortable and pain-free and to put an end to endless aches and pains.

Remove any symptoms such as recurrent or persistent viral infections and restore normal immune functioning.

Help patients to have consistent good health so as not to be vulnerable to frequent and recurrent health challenges.

For example to feel confident arranging with a friend to meet two weeks time for a meal after work  with a reasonable expectation that you will be able to the appointment and not have to cancel at the last minute.

Help our patients have a digestive system which works well and is robust.

  • Help restore our patient’s human capacity to enjoy intimate relationships with a healthy, interest in sexuality.
  • Sleep well and wake rested.