I want to change your life – Restore Your True Wellness

To feel truly well again. I don’t want you to ‘just exist’. I do not want you to have to depend on pharmaceuticals to be able to get out of bed in the morning or to sleep at night if that is in any way avoidable.

To Feel Truly Well Again

Restorative Sleep: To wake rested every morning after a reasonable amount of sleep.

Some people need seven hours, some people need nine hours. Many of the people who come to see me on their first visit make the remark when I ask them about their sleep  “I could sleep for Ireland  but I wake each morning feeling as if a truck has run over me”.

Other aspects of restorative sleep are:  to have the capacity  to begin normal activities reasonably soon after awakening and not to have to spend two hours ‘ waking up’.

To be able to stay asleep:   Some people have great difficulty  staying asleep when they want to.

Many people remark  “I have no difficulty getting off to sleep – I am totally tired at the end of the day but I wake up after two hours and find it very difficult to get back to sleep. I toss and turn until 2 AM/3 AM/5 AM …….then I find  that about 7 AM I get off into a nice, deep sleep and the alarm rings at 7.30 and I feel absolutely awful ”

Many years ago a 55-year-old lady, separated public servant living in a household of one, made the following reply concerning her energy levels : ” I go into work  on Monday and I cope.  By Wednesday I am exhausted. By Friday I am on my knees. I spend the whole weekend in bed and then begin the whole performance again on Monday morning “.

Some individuals have almost zero energy: They  wake in the morning and when they go to bed they struggle energy wise.

Some individuals have a fixed, but very limited energy budget ‘  – in other words  they may have enough energy to last till mid morning, sometimes to lunchtime, sometimes till late afternoon.  Once that the time of day comes their energy is ‘shot’  and they may be waiting anxiously for their partner to come home cook supper, poor children to bed et cetera.

Many individuals who fall into either of these two groups may also have fluctuating blood sugar and find that there energy levels fall precipitously every hour and they need to keep themselves stoked up on coffee, sweet items et cetera.

Tree by lake

Everyone needs to have a properly functioning brain which can recall ,with reasonable accuracy, the important things from day to day. To be able to remember appointments; to be able to read an article and not have forgotten what was in the first paragraph by the time they have got to the second paragraph

 ‘Brain-fog‘  and poor short-term memory generally are mentioned as a health problem by 50 to 70% of the patients whom I see. In my experience it is generally possible to resolve this situation – now  remember we are talking about people who have themselves decided that there mental sharpness is not what it was.

These are people who are struggling to remember names of friends and acquaintances,

I do want you to respect your digestive system but I want it to work so well for you that you can forget about it most of the time

I see part of my role as helping people to once more establish normal digestive function. Not to have nausea after meals, not to have constipation, not to have to rush to the bathroom suddenly whether to pass urine or to pass a stool. Not to be constantly troubled by abdominal pain and spasm.

Human beings need intimacy and if people are in conjugal relationships where sexual expression is involved, they need to have some libido (so that they have an interest in being expressive towards their partner), and an ability to participate in the sexual encounter and, if possible, to orgasm so that they enjoy the encounter and get positive feedback from the experience.

Unrecognised vaginal dryness can be a huge damper on normal sexual activity.

This includes decent bladder control to resolve issues such as dry eyes, very frequent trips to the bathroom, urinary leakage coming up to periods or during menstrual periods which can be a very significant problem for females in their 30s and 40s

Get rid of the recurrent coughs, colds, pneumonia, sinus infections.

Manage, minimise and hopefully get rid of  chemical and inhalant sensitivity to perfumes, smells and chemicals.

Abolish or significantly reduce hay fever rhinitis and sinus problems. .

Recognise and manage food intolerance.

Treat Pain and manage or get rid of chronic pain  – nobody can lead productive or happy lives if they are a slave to persistent pain and soreness