Drummartin Clinic Reviews

drummartin clinic reviews

I am a 24 year old female who has had longstanding problems with severe allergies, fatigue and very troubling pelvic and urinary symptoms.  My energy levels and overall quality of life have improved greatly since my first visit with Dr. Magovern.

His treatments, particularly the Ozone therapy for my pelvic pain have transformed my life, and I would recommend the clinic to anyone with complex health issues

January 2023
40-year-old female with recurring sinus/chest infections, various digestive issues, sleep issues and energy/fatigue issues.

I have had a history since childhood of recurring sinus/chest infections. I had sinus surgery in my late 20s and was told that I would have to remain on daily medications for asthma and allergies for the rest of my life.

I spent a lot of time on sick leave from work and taking various courses of antibiotics a few times a year. I had previously asked my Ear Nose & Throat consultant if I could be affected by mould/fungal issues in my nose/lungs, but was told that no, that wasn’t an actual thing.

My ill-health continued, and in my late 30s my GP referred me to a medical assessment unit at a hospital in Dublin. They couldn’t find any specific reason for my health issues but they did conclude that I didn’t have asthma after all!

I got sick of being sick and spending large amounts of money on my health, with no answers.

I came across Drummartin Clinic online and considered whether it might be worth the time and money. But I am so glad I did.

Drummartin Clinic is like a little family. The receptionists, nurse Kathryn, and Dr. Magovern himself went above and beyond to help me.

As I work full time, the staff always tried their best to accommodate appointment times that suited for less impact on my daily work. Dr. Magovern’s aim from the beginning was to try and find the main source of my health issues.

He was very open and clear regarding what tests, medications, supplements or treatments that I would be best spending my time and money on, and he also discouraged me when he felt a particular treatment/test would not be beneficial. Dr. Magovern also advised on any holistic practices I could do myself at home in order to improve my daily life and speed up my recovery.

Using the recommended tests from labs in the UK and USA, I found out I had a lot of mycotoxins/mould in my body.

Dr. Magovern had sensed this during our initial appointment due to my exposure to mould/damp in an early childminder’s home and later in rented accommodation in Dublin, as well as my seemingly unlinked various health issues.

Once Dr. Magovern started me on his treatment protocol, I realised that my always slim, size 8-10 body, (which was now a large size 10), had actually been full of inflammation. Compared to other children I had always been a thinner, smaller, pale grey looking sickly child. I tried healthy eating and exercising and got annoyed for not being able to fit properly into my clothes.

Every time I got sick with chest/sinus or stomach issues and I had to cancel plans or stay off work, I constantly felt the guilt of letting others down and questioned if I had minded myself enough. I had no choice but to try to work and live the same as everyone else, but with no treatment/help or explanation for why my health was so bad.

My life has changed for the better now. It is over 2.5 years ago since I had my first consultation with Dr. Magovern, and then on and off for reviews after that. Dr. Magovern and I haven’t had an appointment in over a year now.

I haven’t been on antibiotics since I met him, I haven’t been sick regularly like I used to be.

My clothes fit me again, even some clothes that I used to wear over 10/15 years ago. Friends and colleagues have commented on how I seem like a different person – my overall confidence has improved and my clothes fit properly!

My sleep and energy have improved. It’s like I have a body that works as it should again – I never remember having that before.

The Drummartin Clinic family really helped me understand the body as a whole and the effect one thing might have on another. I now understand what I can do to help myself stay healthier/ leaner and happier as a result.

My body doesn’t get floored anymore and I don’t end up on antibiotics if a cold/flu/virus is going round.

Dr. Magovern advised I take a wide range of nutritional supplements and have some treatments in the clinic, such as lipid infusions and ozone treatments. I definitely found the ozone helped my brain feel less foggy.

I am able to think much more clearly, and my sinuses are a lot clearer. Initially, I shied away from the rectal ozone, however I knew I was in good hands with Kathryn and found it very beneficial also.

Overall, I found everyone in the clinic really listened to me and understood the impacts my previous health issues were having on my daily life.

I appreciate all the help and support that Drummartin Clinic have given to me, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with their own health.

I was 61 years old and just about to turn 62 in July 22, however I was moving and feeling like an 89 year old. I knew this was not ‘normal’, and was told by
my consultants (all three of them, two were oncologists) that this was just the way it is. I had enlarged lymph nodes in my right groin which were being
monitored annually for any change in size, meaning getting bigger, and was told they would not get smaller, but it would just be a case of watching them.

Other areas of my body were starting to look inflamed and I was concerned about developing edema (swelling and inflammation). The hysterectomy left
me with nerve pain which was beginning to travel to other areas. My energy levels were so low I was not exercising, I couldn’t digest food properly and
was gaining weight. A colonoscopy diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis and I was prescribed horrendous steroids. I felt I was slowly shutting down, physically,
emotionally and energetically and I was having bouts of anxiety. I had no answers, and neither did my doctors, however they didn’t seem to want to
investigate things either.

I work as an holistic therapist and was doing some research when I came across a Functional Medicine foundations course. I signed up, it all made
sense to me, and while doing the course wondered if such a Doctor existed in Ireland. (The course was U.S. based). Low and behold, Dr. Patrick Magovern
and his wonderful Drummartin Clinic appeared, AND only up the road from me! I was actually feeling excited, it was just resonating so well. This form of
medicine is how all medicine should be! I called straight away.

I loved the in-depth questionnaire and blood and other tests which were sent away, it was proper investigating.
It took a little time to get my initial consult with Dr. Magovern, but it was worth the wait. I never attended a doctor who gave so much time to investigating
my symptoms and along the way putting treatment protocols in place to start immediately. Everyone in the Drummartin Clinic is on your side, which has a
massive feel good factor, which for me is also a contributor to getting well. I am so grateful to Jill, Bronwen, of course Kathryn and Dr. Magovern.

Five months into my treatments, which included Rectal Ozone and Vitamin and Mineral IV treatments, together with hormones, supplements and dietary
suggestions, I had a CT scan on my lymph nodes. The results were astonishing!!! The Consultant couldn’t find them on the scan. They had
gone. Shame he wasn’t interested as to what I was doing to make these changes, but anyway the news was received with such excitement in

Drummartin Clinic it was so heart warming. This news was huge for me, it was complete confirmation that this medicine works. So together with the
emotional support in Drummartin Clinic, that is true healing medicine!

My sleep is so much better and energy levels are steadily returning, I certainly don’t feel 89 anymore. The Rectal Ozone is also helping the nerve
pain in my lower abdomen. Inflammation and my digestion have improved a lot also. So I will be continuing these treatments as I really feel this
investment in my health is so worth it and I will do what I need

I was diagnose with dermatomyositis which is  an autoimmune disease in 2020. This disease is an disabling progressive disease that can severely impair your quality of life or worst case death.

I have previously penned a review regarding my patient experience with Dr McGovern and his team. I would highly recommend that you read my first review explaining my treatments and how I’ve progressed with Dr Mcgovern.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Mcgovern and his team on the first class treatment and medical care I received.Dr Magovern and his nurse Kathryn would routinely check up on me via emails or phone calls between appointments and treatments to see how I am feeling.

It is very reassuring to know that someone is trying to figure out what triggered my autoimmune disease. Doctor McGovern has researched and discussed my condition with his peers, so he can provide the best treatments possible.

I got discharged from hospital on a high volume of supplementary oxygen. It was a very emotional and depressing time, wondering would I regain a decent quality of life. My respiratory consultant didn’t give me a positive future.

So here I am now, 18 months later and back to work and completely off supplementary oxygen since May 2022. I’ve been away this year on a family holiday where I enjoyed playing in the swimming pool with my kids and enjoying life. Taking long evening walks with my family, something that I thought I would never do again. I have also resumed swimming and cycling. I never thought I would get back to activities I love.

The technician that carried out my last lung function test couldn’t believe the improvement in my lungs. My lung capacity is in the normal range now and the oxygen transfer has improved by 50%

I can’t believe how far I’ve come, 12 months ago I was at home depressed and crying thinking that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life feeling weak, miserable, jittery, a brain fog and oxygen dependent.

I am writing this almost  a year to the day from when I had my first consult with Dr. McGovern.

Aged 41  I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis after about ten years of symptoms.  .

I continued to work for another 6 months after diagnosis while undertaking different biologic injections and various other medications. None of which worked and in fact made me worse causing severe bowel issues and prompting the start of crippling fatigue.  Eventually in Feb 2020 I ended up out of work due to an extreme flare brought on by a reaction to a biologic. I couldn’t walk for a week and I just never recovered. I’d often been unable to walk for a few days previously but never so severe and the fatigue just made the simplest tasks impossible. My GP and rheumatologist are excellent and very supportive and we continued on a path of various meds including another biologic but nothing worked and in fact my stomach issues continued to get worse and the fatigue was overwhelming.

I constantly tried to research solutions and I started on high dose turmeric and changed my diet to nearly completely starch free.

This all helped slightly along with working with my psychologist and dealing with all stressors, undertaking meditation, craniosacral therapy, mindfulness, weekly yoga and physio led pilates along with a daily stretching and meditation regime.  However despite doing everything I could, I was still dragging myself through each day, going to bed with my children sleeping for 11+ hrs, napping every morning and sitting down for a rest every afternoon. I was existing not living and wondering would I ever get back to work and life.

I was so far from living, I’d given up all social life, I just dragged myself through everyday in a fog of pain and fatigue.

I had my first consultation with Dr. McGovern in November 2021. The pre appointment questionnaire was so detailed and thorough I really felt like he was taking everything into account. The first consult was similarly thorough and he recommended several tests for moulds, toxins, hormones etc and he explained the reasoning behind why he wanted to do the tests and guided me to research to investigate for myself which I appreciated as I was still a little sceptical as I had been in so much pain for so long.  It very much was a partnership and Dr.McGovern never promised anything but explained why he felt certain things would work for me.  The programme was intense and I had to do a lot of work myself changing my diet further, undertake research and a course to reset my fight or flight mode.  There were a few backwards steps at the beginning and they were hard to take but I was constantly seeing small improvements and so all the work was worth the effort for those tiny wins.  I also kept in my mind that Dr. McGovern had said it was a collaboration between us both and he hoped that he’d have me felling better within 6 months but it would take up to 2 years to fully get me back on track.  Dr. MCGovern was right and by April this year I really started to get better, I felt like I was getting some of my life back.

I started Ozone treatments in Sept 22 and they had an immediate uplifting impact on my energy.  I am now undertaking lipid transfusions, They are hard and I do have a 24-48 hr period where I feel rough after them but then I am back to the more energetic me.

There are so many layers to Dr.McGoverns diagnostics and treatment plan and they take a serious commitment for change from the patient.  For me the change was relatively easy as I would have done anything to get my life back.

One year in now and the change has been miraculous, I have so much more energy and am nearly pain free most days.  I am chomping at the bit to return to work but Dr.McGovern is rightly saying caution, caution as too swift a return could set me back. I still am undertaking a lot of treatments as prescribed by Dr.Mcgovern on a daily and weekly basis and this will continue for some time.  I need to ensure when I return to work in the new year that I have enough energy and stamina to do the work alongside undertaking any necessary treatments.

My close friends and family are so happy to see me getting back to who I was.  The most startling re-enforcement of of how far I have come, has been from casual acquaintances who now stop me and ask what have you been doing you look great.  I then take pleasure in explaining, I am great I feel better than I have for years and in fact although I said nothing previously I had been in excruciating pain and fatigue when we met previously.

Dr.McGovern and his whole team are so caring they really do make you feel welcomed and looked after. Kathryn is so nice and supportive and I enjoy the treatments as she makes everything so easy.

I truly wish all chronically ill patients could see Dr.McGovern and that the functional medicine route was more widespread in Ireland as it is an approach that definitely does work.

I have had difficulties with chronic fatigue since my teenage years. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC) in my early twenties and later with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I developed hormonal acne and started to experience hot flushes after my children were born, even though I am still only in my thirties. I started to experience chronic joint pain 18 months ago. My chronic fatigue was becoming particularly debilitating. I was taking medication on a daily basis for joint pain and my IC and IBS symptoms were worsening. I found that conventional medicine was unable to assist me. I was merely ‘existing’ for years; I was not ‘living’; I did not have anything that remotely resembled a decent quality of life. I researched doctors in Ireland who could assist with chronic fatigue and having read through the Drummartin Clinic website and reviews, I settled on Dr. Patrick Magovern. I was very thankful to find Dr. Magovern as I didn’t feel anyone else I researched would be able to help me. Being a health professional myself, I have an insight into how patients should be treated and I was very impressed with Dr. Magovern’s thoroughness, his conscientiousness, his interest in my case and his knowledge and the level of CPD he has completed in the field of Functional Medicine. I was also impressed with his warm and caring disposition and his holistic approach to my treatment. I felt empowered after my consultations with Dr Magovern. He encouraged me to research Functional medicine and treatments and gave me a feeling of ownership over getting my health back on track while being guided by his expert advice regarding the treatments that I required.  Within weeks of starting the new treatments I noticed a significant improvement in all of my symptoms including my energy levels and my mood, which had become impacted by my poor quality of life. The speed and depth of the improvements were completely unexpected by my husband and I. I feel incredibly grateful to have finally found a professional who has the skills to help me to become well again and to live a full and meaningful life.

56 YO Female experiencing significant health difficulties over a 16-year period (September 2022).

I found myself sitting across from Dr Magovern 5 months ago, hoping that I had found someone who would be able to help. I have been ill for more than 16 years:

  • Muscle weakness,
  • Mobility issues,
  • Fatigue,
  • Brain fog,
  • Memory issues,
  • Difficulty swallowing,
  • Difficulty sleeping,
  • Weight gain.

I had been to several doctors/clinics in an effort to find answers and help.

After a lengthy consultation, (the longest consultation I ever had) Dr Magovern had a lengthy list of recommendations and a strong feeling that within 3 months I would feel significantly better. I began Ozone/Myers infusions within a couple of weeks along with supplements/medication.

After the first infusion, I drove straight home from Dublin for the first time in years, previously, I had to have a nap half way.

It didn’t take 3 months for an improvement, less than 1 month later I was sleeping better, reduced fatigue, reduced brain fog, improved memory, improved mobility and this improvement is continuing.

I would highly recommend Dr Magovern to anyone struggling with health issues, he is patient, kind and he hears to what you say,

I chose Dr Magovern because of the smaller practice he operates, appointments are always with Dr Magovern, (not one of the “team”) Kathryn is an exceptional nurse who provides the highest standards of care. Jill and Bronwyn take care of appointments, supplements, messages and a dozen other things.

A small team in which to place your trust.

You will not regret taking this step to improve your health, trust me, I have been around that block many times looking for answers. Going to see Dr. Magovern was one of the very best decisions I ever made.

I was diagnose with dermatomyositis which is  an autoimmune disease in 2020. This disease is an disabling progressive disease that can severely impair your quality of life or worst case death.

I have previously penned a review regarding my patient experience with Dr McGovern and his team. I would highly recommend that you read my first review explaining my treatments and how I’ve progressed with Dr Mcgovern.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Mcgovern and his team on the first class treatment and medical care I received.Dr Magovern and his nurse Kathryn would routinely check up on me via emails or phone calls between appointments and treatments to see how I am feeling.

It is very reassuring to know that someone is trying to figure out what triggered my autoimmune disease. Doctor McGovern has researched and discussed my condition with his peers, so he can provide the best treatments possible.

I got discharged from hospital on a high volume of supplementary oxygen. It was a very emotional and depressing time, wondering would I regain a decent quality of life. My respiratory consultant didn’t give me a positive future.

So here I am now, 18 months later and back to work and completely off supplementary oxygen since May 2022. I’ve been away this year on a family holiday where I enjoyed playing in the swimming pool with my kids and enjoying life. Taking long evening walks with my family, something that I thought I would never do again. I have also resumed swimming and cycling. I never thought I would get back to activities I love.

The technician that carried out my last lung function test couldn’t believe the improvement in my lungs. My lung capacity is in the normal range now and the oxygen transfer has improved by 50%

I can’t believe how far I’ve come, 12 months ago I was at home depressed and crying thinking that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life feeling weak, miserable, jittery, a brain fog and oxygen dependent.

51 year old Female: Past background of addiction, suffering from fatigue, brain fog, severe digestive issues, mood instability, anxiety, light and sound sensitivity.

In 2021 I was fortunate to receive a glowing recommendation from an acquaintance, advising me to make an appointment with Dr. Patrick Magovern at the Drummartin Clinic.

I was deeply traumatised as a child. There were severe addictive problems in my family of origin and I personally suffered with alcohol and substance addiction until the age of 45. I had been feeling sub-par since my teens, and now, decades on, was still feeling wretched, aged 51.

I was constantly exhausted, experiencing strange internal tremors, lightning shocks in my fingers, blurred vision and watering eyes, headaches, body pain, dreadfully debilitating brain fog and IBS symptoms. In addition, my hormones were out of balance and I was feeling very anxious with light and sound sensitivity.

I know now, after my investigations were sent to labs in London and the U.S., that I have a high toxic load with chemical and mould toxicity, along with food allergies, and this was reflected in my physical and psychological symptoms.

I had consulted several G.P.s over the years, but inevitably was offered antidepressants – which I knew was not the solution. I believed I had to just deal with it and soldier on, but it really was putting a strain on my marriage and my job, because I was struggling to focus and be present.

I think God answered my prayers when I discovered the Drummartin Clinic! The lovely ladies, Kathryn, Jill and Bronwen, who work with Dr. Magovern, have really been so amazingly kind and supportive too. I feel nurtured there, which is a really super experience. Individual care, attention and support is a given.

Nearly a year on from my first consultation, I have quit refined sugar and caffeine (having used them to prop me up for years), have lost over a stone in weight, have no more bloating, cramps and IBS symptoms ruining my life, have energy for running and yoga, and more importantly I feel truly well for the first time in my life. My mood is now steady, and as I progress with the vitamin and mineral supplement regime and work on the toxin elimination treatment, I am also working to rebuild my emotional / nervous system resilience, and I am in no doubt as to my future wellbeing.

The treatment seemed expensive initially, but when I think of the money I have squandered on trinkets, I realise this life changing treatment is worth every penny.

50 YO female (May 2022)  ,long history of  (well-concealed) low,  mood, energy ,  aches and pains and a general lack of enthusiasm all of which was kept mostly him

I don’t think I knew what it was to feel well, especially in terms of mood and anxiety. I was so used to living with “worry”, being depressed in winter and general tiredness and pain, that I almost felt odd when I realised I was now calm and content, with no aches and enough energy for what I want to do each day.  It’s been a journey of a few years and many steps, but each time I fully embraced what Dr Patrick suggested, I made big leaps upwards in my health, both physical and mental. I look and feel younger and I’m now excited for life, as opposed to dragging myself through it.


I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease back in 2020 called Dermatomyositis. This disease was causing my body to attack my skin, joints, muscles, and lungs. Things progressed very quickly, and my lungs were going into respiratory failure. My medical team in the hospital informed me that I had a 50/50 chance of survival at best.

I did manage to make it out of the hospital, but I arrived home a very sick person. I was weak and severely fatigued and couldn’t move off the couch. My mind was clouded over with brain fog, and I felt unsteady on my feet. I also suffered from body tremors and was heavily dependent on oxygen to do any movement around the house. I couldn’t continue living like this. My doctors were treating my symptoms but would not investigate what triggered this disease.

My sister was attending Dr.Magovern and she highly recommended his clinic to me. I rang up and arranged a consultation with Dr. Magovern. Dr. Magovern was very professional and compassionate, he really focused on my complex condition and took a comprehensive history of my health and my family’s health. He speaks to you at a level that patients understand and doesn’t bombard you with medical terminology. Dr.Magovern’s approach was to try and understand what environmental factors were causing my body to attack itself and treat these. I was genetically predisposed to maybe developing an autoimmune disease, but something had to trigger it.

Dr. Magovern ordered lab tests and discovered that my gut health was suffering badly from unpleasant bacteria, and I had high levels of toxins and inflammation in my body.

I trusted Dr.Magoverns diagnosis and he worked in parallel with my consultant’s treatments and medications. He explained how he planned to treat his findings and hoped it would improve my overall health and autoimmune disease. He never promised a miracle cure, but he was confident he could help me.

So, I started on my journey with Dr. Magovern. I was started on intravenous lipid treatments, multipass ozone, and rectal ozone treatments. I had been suffering from bowel problems for months after I left the hospital but once I received the rectal ozone the problems cleared up immediately. I was still being treated by my consultants, they had expected that my condition would flare up now and then as I was recovering. This never materialised and I am convinced this is down to Dr.Magoverns treatments.

I feel so much better now, energy levels are a lot better, the brain fog has gone and I’m practically off my supplementary oxygen. I have a life with my wife and kids. I’m getting out to socialise and watch my kids playing sports. I’m also preparing to make a return to work.

Dr. Magovern went above and beyond in his treatment and care for me. I never expected this from a doctor. This included his staff, from the receptionists to his nurse Kathryn who always took a personal interest in my recovery.

I owe them all a massive “Thank you”.

Fifty-Six Year Old female: Surgical wound on foot refused to close properly, kept breaking down and rendered this patient unable to walk after her surgery for a protracted period of time. Patient treated with medical ozone therapy and intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions.

(MAY 2022)

…………..I do not want to think where I would be today if I did not know you and Drummartin Clinic! The expertise you possess is absolutely priceless.

Some years ago I suffered from lack of energy and constant aches and pains and was struggling in body movement. I really was struggling with my health big-time. All the standard tests were coming up normal. I came across the Drummartin Clinic. To make a long story very short some deficiencies came to light. Within months I was much improved and am forever grateful.

Moving on five or six years. I needed orthopaedic foot surgery: a bone graft and tendon tightening on my left foot. All went well with the surgery. The wound healing was a totally different story.
A couple of weeks in bandages were expected with a swift return being back on my feet. This turned into months. Shortly after removal of stitches there was complete reopening of the wound with and no sign of it being willing to close again. Time passed. Some days the wound would look like it is beginning to close and next day it would break down again. The surgeon did his utmost as did the dressing clinic and there were multiple visits for wound care. The surgeon informed me that the inability to heal was typical of what he would expect in a seventy-year-old diabetic . I was 56 and definitely non-diabetic, and all my pre-op tests had all been within range . This was very distressing and very worrying.
The surgeon then went on to say he felt I was lacking in some key vitamins and minerals.

This sparked memories for me. I told the surgeon that I had been found to have absorption issues in the past and this had been treated at Drummartin Clinic some years previously. I immediately knew that if any doctor was going to know what to do to help me, it would be Dr McGovern in Drummartin Clinic, so I asked the surgeon, if he would refer me to Dr. McGovern and explain what he thought may be going on, so that Dr McGovern would have something to work with. The surgeon, though hesitant, agreed once he checked Dr McGovern actually was a registered medical practitioner with the Medical Council.

Because of the urgency, I was in the Drummartin Clinic within days. Dr McGovern recommended that I have some intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions but also suggested medical ozone treatment because this would significantly improve blood oxygen supply to my troubled foot. He recommended I did my own research before going ahead. I was faced with an open wound preventing me from walking. I had previously built up a trusted Doctor to Patient relationship with Dr McGovern in the past and was familiar and comfortable with the vitamin and mineral infusions but not with medical ozone. I did some research and decided to go ahead. The thought of being unable to walk for many more months was far more worrying.

I Had my first treatment on a Friday morning. I felt no different that evening or the next day. Suddenly on the Sunday, I noticed a difference: the wound had started improving dramatically. Within another few days, I realised it was totally on the road to mending. There was no doubt whatsoever in my mind. I went for a second session of Ozone and IV vitamins and minerals one week later and the wound was quite evidently closing. After the second treatment it was only a matter of days until the wound was almost fully closed over. I have never looked back.

There were two other problems: Prior to the surgery I had been suffering from mild sporadic urinary incontinence which, after the surgery, probably due to the anaesthetic and post op medication, escalated to the point of being extremely difficult to manage. I needed ‘double’ elderly incontinence pads. Suddenly after the treatment the incontinence – even the slight degree of pre-op incontinence which had predated the surgery – stopped completely and there was no longer any issue at all. It was better than it had been for years. Secondly I had a long term toenail fungus on one of my big toes and the treatment seems to have vastly killed the fungus, The new nail bed is thin and flat and the thickness and brittleness is growing out. Perhaps it is not all gone, but certainly there is a massive difference between before and after. Without a doubt the ozone and IV nutrient therapy impacted positively on those conditions in ways no other solutions, over a number of years, had been able to.

One year on : I had another ozone treatment to help me really get back on my feet with strength and energy.

My foot and I are doing brilliantly. All is very well indeed.

The staff at Drummartin clinic are exceptional. I always feel genuinely listened to, even though parts of my story can sometimes seem like I am the problem. However Drummartin Clinic and its doctor, nurses and reception staff know that everyone that comes to the door is suffering and they make it their goal to find solutions to the problems, because there is always a reason. I think it is that attitude that makes the team at the Drummartin Clinic exceptional when it comes to a chronic or unknown conditions or loss of energy.

Thank you to the team for all the help given to me, I am so glad I know you.

38 Year old Male with Avascular Necrosis of the hip, Fatigue and Brain Fog.
(August 2021)

I was living in Asia in my early thirties when I felt pain in my hip and also developed a facial skin rash. After some time, my hip pain gradually got worse, so I got it checked out and was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (bone death) of both hips. I was left with little option but to return home.
When I returned home, I was keen to get to the bottom of my issues and had core decompression surgery on both my hips to prevent total hip replacement. Orthopedic consultant diagnosed me as idiopathic.

After about a year, I developed more symptoms such as joint pain, brain fog, tiredness so I raised my issues with several GPs. Bloods were taken however nothing showed up and hit a dead end each time. My health was declining and no one could explain why.

After living in bad health for years, I discovered a lot of my issues went away if I stuck to a strict keto diet which led me to researching functional medicine and I then booked an appointment with Dr Magovern.

As we were in lockdown, first consultation was scheduled online, I explained my issues and he listened to all my symptoms collectively. He was the first professional I talked to in 7 years that understood my health issues. Tests were done and I was diagnosed with mold disease. I’ve completed 6 months of treatment, have started to feel myself again and slowly getting my life back to normal. From being close to getting both hip joints replaced years prior, I am now back running and training a few times a week.

If you are suffering from any long term health conditions like brain fog or chronic fatigue, I would absolutely recommend booking an appointment with Dr Magovern, I only wish I had done it sooner.

Feedback from a 47 year-old female with severe PMS verging on PMDD – lasting for two weeks per month which has been a significant problem since she was aged 25 years.
(May 2021)

I’m feeling extremely well thank you. My pmdd has lessened so much I feel alive again.So much more focused.My memory has improved so much.My anxiety has decreased as well. I feel like shouting out to everybody and telling them about the clinic.

My life has been saved by everybody up there.I feel quite overwhelmed by it all.It’s quite draining pretending to be happy and strong when in fact your dying on the inside.

My weight wasn’t mentioned up there, the priority was getting me well I wasn’t judged which put me at ease straight away.
From the bottom of my heart thank you.

When all else fails, where can you turn?
41 Year Old Female
(May 2021)

I’m sitting in Holles street maternity hospital as I write this, waiting on my 16 week scan. I could float out of here I’m so elated to finally be pregnant. It’s been a long road over 5 years with many twists and turns.

The worst point was when my fertility doctor said IVF wouldn’t work for me, after 2 failed attempts, because my inflammatory markers were so bad. The doctor also added that I was going to develop rheumatoid arthritis and that I would need to see someone and for a last punch added ‘you’re on your own!’. I have never been pregnant before now, I’m due to turn 41 in a few months. It wasn’t by chance that I got pregnant – I had to make changes and I worked damn hard to make this happen. In December 2019, after getting the results of a ZIP immunity test, I was told that IVF wouldn’t work for me. My immune system was out of whack and the embryo wouldn’t attach to the wall of my uterus. Apparently my body was attacking the embryo to ensure it didn’t attach because my immune system didn’t know the difference between good and bad – good being baby and bad being viruses.

After getting the ZIP test results I started researching the affect auto immune issues could have on your body. There was a very long list of symptoms to show you whether you had an auto immune disease, the only symptom I had was that I get excema on my legs from time to time. I read a couple of books on auto immune disease and decided to go on a very strict auto immune diet in January 2020. After adhering to this strict diet for 6 weeks I scheduled a follow up ZIP test for mid February and to the surprise of my IVF doctor (but not to me) my results were great and I could proceed with another round IVF!! I had some embryos from the previous round so the next time would be an FET. But I was still concerned that the embryo wouldn’t take hold.

At the same time in early 2020 I started going to a Functional Doctor, Dr Patrick MacGovern, Drummartin Clinic, Dublin 14. Dr.MacGovern took a very detailed medical history and specifically told me that he didn’t treat fertility issues as such but, based on my symptoms and his experience he might hopefully be able to investigate and treat the ongoing inflammation which was negatively affecting my global health including my mood, energy and fertility. He explained that a doctor-patient partnership makes for the best outcome and that the road might not always be smooth but added hopefully “I cannot promise anything on the fertility front but hopefully life will be easier for you if you feel well in yourself again.” Now I should add that I’m 5.10 with a BMI of 20 (pre pregnancy), that I was a vegetarian and I have practiced yoga for an average of 1.5hrs a day for 5 days a week for 9 years.

Before getting the ZIP test results I thought I was healthy and in good shape and that I had felt down all the time because I was struggling with fertility issues, not because my body was struggling with inflammation. Where was all this inflammation coming from? So I jumped at the hopeful news and started the investigation process. Dr.MacGovern ran tests on my hair, saliva, urine and blood. I got all the detailed results. I researched it all. It seems my body had not been clearing out toxins properly and my stomach was a mess with infections and to top it off I just wasn’t absorbing the nutrients that I needed. How could I grow a baby if my body didn’t work?

Within a month after taking the supplements and medication prescribed by Dr.MacGovern my mood was significantly better. Although my ZIP test results had improved, I decided to postpone the FET for 6 months and to use that time to really clean up my system and enhance the chances of getting pregnant. Dr.MacGovern advised that phosphatidylcholine infusions and medical ozone treatment would hopefully further decrease the level of inflammation and of toxic load. The treatment process is quite time-consuming involving a lot of visits and I needed to budget so I worked out a treatment plan with Dr MacGovern and set to work. I followed his instructions to the letter and spent my evenings reading research and books, trying to understand it all. After the six months my husband and I started trying to get pregnant again. Nothing happened but I felt a million times better. My improved mood was now normal, my baseline happiness level had taken a huge jump. My body felt better, I had more energy and the enzymes and stomach acid I was taking to help me digest food meant that I could really enjoy food. But I wasn’t pregnant.

After the guts of a year on a strict diet and regime of tablets and treatments my husband and I cracked open a few bottles of wine in December and enjoyed Christmas thoroughly. We ate and drank and within the limits of COVID-19 we met family and friends and really enjoyed ourselves. We had decided to do another round of IVF in February 2021. I started back on my strict diet on 1 January 2021 – no alcohol, sugar or gluten and sticking strictly to an auto-immune eating plan. I contacted the IVF clinic, got my prescription filled and I was prepared to give it my best shot. We had 3 blastocysts frozen from the last round so we had two more tries. But as it happened, we didn’t need another round. I woke up on a Sunday morning and realised I was due to start my cycle on the previous Friday, I wanted to do an intense yoga practice so to clear my mind I took a pregnancy test… and here I am, naturally pregnant after 5 years and 3 IVF attempts.

I’m writing this to let people know that there are other options. If you’ve done multiple rounds of IVF and don’t know why they don’t work there are avenues to explore to see if you can find out why. I’m convinced Dr. Patrick MacGovern got me pregnant and nothing would have worked if I hadn’t met him. I’m appalled at the nonchalant way I was treated by two fertility doctors in Dublin who are considered to be the best. How I was told I was on my way to a debilitating disease and would never have children with such little evidence. On another occasion I met with a private consultant who wanted to book me in for a laparoscopy to treat endometriosis after a 5 minute conversation without any physical exam or any conclusive evidence that I had endo – I don’t and never did have endo, I went home that day shocked, I had never heard of endo before so I read a book on it and was 100% sure I didn’t have it – it’s not something you miss! How could a qualified consultant give someone a painful surgery with weeks of recovery time when there was no evidence they needed it?

I encourage any woman who is reading this to trust her own instincts, you know your body better than any doctor and you have the ability to question all advice and treatment plans. I’m an accountant not a doctor, I was overwhelmed at the start of all my research and completely overwhelmed when I realised what was going on in my body. It took time and patience and a fair amount of perseverance. I’m so happy I did it, I’m so fortunate I have an amazing supportive husband who took care of everything else so I could focus on this. The icing on the cake is that I have never been happier (inflammation can cause depression) and the cherry on top is that I’m pregnant!

Just to confirm this is not an ad for any Dr / clinic and it’s important to research all your options as there is no one fits all protocol for everyone. Wishing everyone all the best of luck.

48 Year Old Female suffering from perimenopause, chronic fatigue, cognitive problems, Irritable bowel syndrome, unexplained 12 year+ cough, / Breathlessness attacks, recurrent swelling of lymph glands

(March 2021)

World-Class Doctor

I suffered from chronic illness/hormone issues for over 5 years, saw endless doctors, specialists, naturopaths etc in The Netherlands, France, Australia, spent a fortune on wrongly diagnosed medication, supplements/herbs that weren’t being absorbed properly by my sick body, endless tests etc.  Yet my health was declining, my quality of life was poor, and no one could explain why.

I was sick and frustrated during my first consult but I’m glad I trusted Dr Macgovern because he was the only one who was qualified and knowledgeable enough to diagnose my condition!

I was impressed by how Dr Magovern took a holistic approach to health – he listened to all my concerns and asked many questions that no other doctor ever asked. Instantly, I knew I was in expert hands and realised I needed to be patient to allow my body to heal properly without relapse.

After trusting Dr Macgoverns advice on treating my chronic symptoms and menopause hormones, I finally feel better for the first time in years!

I have dealt with so many different doctors/naturopaths, each with their own personal style, and find Dr Magovern to be a brilliant, kind, world-class doctor with a great sense of humour, so I highly recommend!  He’s the only doctor willing to use supplements and natural remedies alongside medication, and this was very important for me.

45 Year-Old Male With Severe Fatigue, Brain Fog, Headaches, Nausea, Daily Sinus Congestion, constant eye infections and muscle pains.

(February 2021)

For the last two years my illness has prevented me from working as a project manager due to my low energy and brain fog. Walking for more than 30 minutes brought on fatigue which resulted in my having to lie down for an hour, sometimes a 10-20 minute conversation was enough to wear me out, and the brain fog was causing problems with my finding the right words and also forgetting things. ‘Going beyond these narrow limits was leading to severe headaches with nausea.

Every morning I would wake with sinus congestion and a headache but thankfully this generally cleared as I got up and moved around. I was troubled with constant eye infections and certain foods would cause muscle aches and pains.

I feel coming to Dr Magovern has been a turning point in my road to recovery. If nothing else after years of GP and consultant visits which rarely stretched past 15 minutes, It was refreshing to deal with someone who schedules the time to properly assess a long and complex illness. Confidence was further built by the comprehensive panel of scientific test he ordered. Many are non standard and reflect a deeper understanding of difficult medical conditions.

The doctor himself is a old school gentleman easy to deal with and unlike many actively encouraged me to work with him on my treatment. Questions are encouraged and dealt with considerately. There is none of the arrogance or condescension to often found in medics of his experience. Perhaps the first time ever I have looked forward to conversations with a Dr. The clinic nurse and all the staff are both professional and lovely to deal with.
Currently my condition has stabilised and I am optimistic with time I will see a considerable improvement in my quality of life under the clinic’s care.

45 Year-old Female with Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety and Low Mood

I’m 45 years old female and have suffered with severe Ulcerative Colitis for some time now. The disease was so debilitating and painful and as a result I was hospitalised earlier this year for over 4 weeks. I was given the choice of weekly injections or having my large intestine removed completely and I would have a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. Having Ulcerative Colitis took its toll on my mental health too. I was depressed and in a fair deal of pain. I attributed my depression and extreme anxiety to both my physical health and uncontrollable events happening around me.

A friend recommended Dr. Magovern and I can honestly say he has changed my life. He is the first professional I have ever met that resolves to get to the root of your issues. He focused on all aspects of my life including my monthly cycle. I love the fact that his approach is not a “one cure fixes all” but that he rigorously goes through things and covers areas you may never even associate with your problems. It transpires I am peri menopausal and since receiving hormone therapy I am back to feeling like myself again. I can’t thank him enough.

I also receive rectal ozone therapy and I would 100% recommend it to anyone with bowel issues. I no longer have inflammation and flare ups and my stomach is calm! Not just that but my mental health has improved dramatically from the hormones rebalancing my body.

Dr. Magovern is one of the kindest, warmest and quite frankly- brilliant doctor I’ve ever met. He takes a genuine interest in your health and really considers the most suitable path for his patients. I can’t recommend Drummartin Clinic and all of his advice enough. I can’t thank him or Nurse Kathryn for their wonderful care.

The fact Dr. Magovern takes a genuine approach to every single patient seals the deal for me. He doesn’t give “blanket cures” but instead he listens to each and every patient and really takes the time to recommend the most appropriate course of action to take, be that nutrients, supplements, hormone replacement, blood tests, ozone therapy etc the list is endless but rest assured it will be the right course of action for you. It is a pity that more doctors don’t take Dr. Magovern’s approach to medicine.