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Drummartin Clinic Reviews

Below are some accounts of patient experiences with Drummartin Clinic. These Drummartin Clinic reviews  tell the unvarnished,  unedited truth. I am very grateful to the people who have taken the time out from their busy lives to write so as to encourage people who might be very near to giving up that medical problems which might seem insoluble, might well be indeed be soluble.

Before you embark on consultation, investigation and treatment, please pause just for a moment and reflect on the paragraphs below:

  • The functional medicine approach demands commitment on the part of both doctor and patient. It is impossible to solve a complex problem without proper investigations otherwise one is literally shooting in the dark. It is not a quick fix.
  • You may have a relative whether  sibling, child, or parent or a friend whom you feel might benefit hugely from functional medicine. There is no point in persuading someone who is reluctant to undertake a course of treatment. It’s not the same as “try this new anti-inflammatory”.
  • They really need to be ‘on-side’ and fully committed otherwise it is a waste of their money and both the patient’s time and mine.
  • Young adults up to  the age of about 25 can be very tricky. Surprisingly, sometimes, although they might be feeling substantial benefit from treatment relatively early on in the treatment process, they may become easily bored with taking supplements .
  • Before you commit and commence please consider whether or not you have enough enthusiasm to implement whatever investigations are needed, to organise yourself enough to take nutritional supplements on an organised basis and to comply with an overall  treatment plan.
  • I am not a magician or faith-healer.  Due to my busy workload I have not had time to collate and  have no formal research studies on patient outcomes. Most of the time most of my patients seem to obtain good or excellent outcomes but I do not always  succeed and  I am out-foxed occasionally.
  • Sometimes  doctors in complementary medicine seem to write a lot about semi-magical cures . There are no gold-plated guarantees. Nevertheless, many  patients have what they consider  to be good or even excellent outcomes or otherwise I would have thrown in the towel long ago.

48 Year Old Female suffering from perimenopause, chronic fatigue, cognitive problems, Irritable bowel syndrome, unexplained 12 year+ cough, / Breathlessness attacks, recurrent swelling of lymph glands

(March 2021)

World-Class Doctor

I suffered from chronic illness/hormone issues for over 5 years, saw endless doctors, specialists, naturopaths etc in The Netherlands, France, Australia, spent a fortune on wrongly diagnosed medication, supplements/herbs that weren’t being absorbed properly by my sick body, endless tests etc.  Yet my health was declining, my quality of life was poor, and no one could explain why.

I was sick and frustrated during my first consult but I’m glad I trusted Dr Macgovern because he was the only one who was qualified and knowledgeable enough to diagnose my condition!

I was impressed by how Dr Magovern took a holistic approach to health – he listened to all my concerns and asked many questions that no other doctor ever asked. Instantly, I knew I was in expert hands and realised I needed to be patient to allow my body to heal properly without relapse.

After trusting Dr Macgoverns advice on treating my chronic symptoms and menopause hormones, I finally feel better for the first time in years!

I have dealt with so many different doctors/naturopaths, each with their own personal style, and find Dr Magovern to be a brilliant, kind, world-class doctor with a great sense of humour, so I highly recommend!  He’s the only doctor willing to use supplements and natural remedies alongside medication, and this was very important for me.

45 Year-Old Male With Severe Fatigue, Brain Fog, Headaches, Nausea, Daily Sinus Congestion, constant eye infections and muscle pains.

(February 2021)

For the last two years my illness has prevented me from working as a project manager due to my low energy and brain fog. Walking for more than 30 minutes brought on fatigue which resulted in my having to lie down for an hour, sometimes a 10-20 minute conversation was enough to wear me out, and the brain fog was causing problems with my finding the right words and also forgetting things. ‘Going beyond these narrow limits was leading to severe headaches with nausea.

Every morning I would wake with sinus congestion and a headache but thankfully this generally cleared as I got up and moved around. I was troubled with constant eye infections and certain foods would cause muscle aches and pains.

I feel coming to Dr Magovern has been a turning point in my road to recovery. If nothing else after years of GP and consultant visits which rarely stretched past 15 minutes, It was refreshing to deal with someone who schedules the time to properly assess a long and complex illness. Confidence was further built by the comprehensive panel of scientific test he ordered. Many are non standard and reflect a deeper understanding of difficult medical conditions.

The doctor himself is a old school gentleman easy to deal with and unlike many actively encouraged me to work with him on my treatment. Questions are encouraged and dealt with considerately. There is none of the arrogance or condescension to often found in medics of his experience. Perhaps the first time ever I have looked forward to conversations with a Dr. The clinic nurse and all the staff are both professional and lovely to deal with.
Currently my condition has stabilised and I am optimistic with time I will see a considerable improvement in my quality of life under the clinic’s care.

52 Years-old female. Painful Restricted  Frozen shoulder who received Ozone / Prolozone joint treatment

(February 2021)

I am a 52 year old female, generally in good health, but with one significant exception: For more than a year, maybe two, I had tolerated more-or-less constant pain and limited mobility in my shoulder, putting off treatment in the belief that this was an unfortunate by-product of advancing age.

Eventually I was persuaded to seek the assistance of a physiotherapist who put me through a regimen of exercises, ultrasound treatment and electrotherapy. Unfortunately, after several visits, and despite the genuinely thorough efforts made by the physiotherapist, I concluded that this was not improving my shoulder.

Prolozone Injection seemed to be worth a try, as a final attempt at relief before succumbing to this debilitating pain as a fact of my life. So I made an appointment in Drummartin Clinic. I had an initial consultation with Dr. Magovern and then the injection. Within minutes I could feel a difference – it was a bizarre sensation of fullness in my shoulder and an internal swishing sound when I rotated my arm.

These initial feelings passed very quickly, and I realized that rotating my arm was no longer causing me the intense pain that it had done for such a long time. I was immediately excited by the unexpected mobility I was experiencing. Dr. Magovern suggested I have a second injection in a couple of weeks’ time, which I did, and after that injection my shoulder was pretty much back to normal, pain-free health. That was a number of months ago and the good effect hasn’t abated. I am so relieved. I can carry on now with normal day to day activities without enduring that piercing pain and hiding the wincing from my family.

Dr. Magovern is extremely knowledgeable in this area of medicine, which seems to be very lacking in Ireland. He also listens carefully and his manner is attentive, sensitive and kind. I would unequivocally recommend Dr Magovern, and Prolozone injections.

40 Year Old Male -Suffering From Fatigue, Digestive Issues, Mood Swings And Brain  Fog And Skin Problems

(January 2021)

I am a now 40 year Old Male. I am Company Director working in the Property Industry.I was first referred to Dr Magovern by a family member approx. 8 years ago.

At the time I had quite bad skin issues,irritable skin and also was suffering from tiredness, fatigue, mood swings and also “brain fog”

I had previously attended 2 Dermatologist’s and also another Doctor to deal with my issues and even with prescribed medication my conditions did not improve.

I felt Dr Magoverns approach to be  different than regular medical practitioner’s. He asked a lot more questions and some which I felt may have had no relevance to any underlying condition (s) I might have had. But this in reality he was thinking outside the box and coming at my symptom’s from a different angle.I found Dr to have a very deep and insightful medical knowledge that extended far beyond plain vanilla medicine.From my first consultation I have always found that Dr Magovern was 110% committed to getting to the root of my issues

He suggested that I do a number of tests for Toxins, mould growth etc.

Through the course of these investigations Dr was able to diagnose me with a high level of toxicity and Mould growth which manifested in all the symptom’s above.

I undertook a course of medication and also followed a more Ketogenic type diet at DR Magoverns suggestion.

The results were not 100% successful due to the amount of mould.

Dr recommended some Ozone treatment. I undertook a course of this over a period of months and found it to be more beneficial.

Over time, the symptoms reappeared and in 2020 I returned to Dr Magovern for another consultation. This time Dr suggested trying Pholspil Lipid Treatment.

I undertook a 12 course treatment of this. I found this to be hugely beneficial to my conditions and found that through this treatment and also better diet my symptoms have now cleared.

I really feel that if I had not attended Dr Magovern over the past years my issues would have deteriorated and I am not too sure where I would have turned then.

I have recommended Dr Magovern to a number of family and friends over the past years and will continue to do so.From my first consultation I have always found that Dr Magovern was 110% committed to getting to the root of my issues

I have also always found all the staff and medical practitioner’s at Drummartin Clinic to be extremely professional,friendly and helpful in all my dealings with them

I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Dr Magovern and Drummartin Clinic to anyone seeking medical advices and assistance.

39 yr old female suffering from chronic fatigue, tinnitus, chronic sinus issues, brain fog, digestive distress, and highly irregular cycles

(January 2021)

I began to see Dr Magovern and his amazing team at Drummartin Clinic in June 2020. At the time I was 39, and incredibly unwell. I did not feel mentally or physically well enough to be able to work full time hours.

As a self-employed pharmacist, this deeply affected my earning potential.

I suffered from chronic fatigue, tinnitus, chronic sinus issues, brain fog, digestive distress, and highly irregular cycles for years. I saw many doctors and consultants over the years to find out the cause of my symptoms but to no avail.

As pharmacist with an interest in nutrition, and natural health, I also saw many alternative practitioners and changed my diet. There were some improvements but I still did not find out the reason for my issues – which was worrying to me.

Eventually I discovered functional medicines and made an appointment with Dr Magovern. At that point I was exhausted, depressed and in pain, my hair was falling out and I knew I needed help fast. Whilst I wanted a baby, I was not healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy or be a mother and time was not on my side.

From the first appointment with Dr Magovern, I knew I was in good hands – he went through my whole history from birth to present and he was able to connect the dots and immediately knew what the cause of all my problems was – after all these years I finally had an answer!

Certain blood and urine tests were conducted to confirm his diagnosis and my treatment began. He managed my expectations really well by telling me the process would take at least six months. I felt really safe in his hands. His staff are also incredible – kind, caring and reassuring.

My treatment was tailored to my budget and included restoring my gut health, improving my nutritional status (which was very low despite my eating incredibly well) opening my detoxification pathways, improving my hormonal status, and what the star treatment was ozone and IV treatments.

He is so kind, caring and a fountain of knowledge on all subjects, I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with him and his wonderful nurse Kathryn.

Now, seven months later, I am thriving, working full time again, and also running a business on the side, something I could have only dreamed about seven months ago.

I now feel healthy enough to start a family.

I highly recommend Dr Magovern and his team, I feel that you won’t look back.

Woman in mid-40s who was suffering from severe hormonal issues, feeling very unwell, depressed and anxious.

I had no energy, I was exhausted, I had lost my memory, I had constant aches and pains and was barely able to manage my 3 young children.
Each day was a struggle and I felt I was only operating at 30% capacity. My PMS was insufferable for not only me but for my children and my husband. My periods were irregular, and I had excruciating recurring infections due to thinning vaginal skin. My libido was through the floor. One doctor put me on antidepressants and one gynecologist consultant told me all my symptoms were in my head!Finding Dr. Magovern has changed my life, he was the first professional who really, truly listened to me and believed that my awful symptoms were real. He took the situation in hand by using a wholistic approach and found out why I was having so much trouble with my hormones.

Now my hormones are balanced, my life and family’s life are back on an even keel! I feel like the woman I was in my thirties and my children and husband are delighted to have me back! I am eternally grateful to Dr. Magovern for believing me and helping me regain myself as a woman, a wife, and a mother.”


A 37-year-old female teacher who suffered for 12 years from chronic autoimmune urticaria, fatigue, and the fuzzy brain.

I needed hormonal rebalancing, nutritional advice – really the full range of functional medicine diagnosis and treatment.

I got really well looked after. The autoimmune urticaria is gone as is my fatigue, brain fog, and premenstrual syndrome. I have my life back again.
Also, the team in the clinic have always been very friendly and welcoming. Help was always at hand if I ever needed it.

Dr. Mc Govern always took the time to listen to me and wanted to help me get better long term and was interested in my health and well-being.”

A 73-year-old woman from the North West of Ireland who had a hugely active life: walking, Pilates, Tai Chi you name it until one day I found myself becoming progressively weaker from a severe infection and this ultimately led to a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

With skilled treatment from a neurologist and a long course of antibiotics, the paralysis resolved but I was left feeling weak and needing to nap twice daily just to get through the day. My daughter-in-law recommended that I see Dr. Magovern who assessed me in detail using a functional medicine approach but also recommended that I try ozone therapy.

This totally changed my daily life. Once more I now have good energy to live my life and have returned to my previous activities and once more have the energy for my grandchildren.”

A 36-year-old female pharmaceutical professional who was plagued with headaches, fatigue and aches and pains for two years.

I woke up in a hot sweat every morning. My own doctor reassured me repeatedly that I had no hormone problem whatever. Amongst other things, Dr. Magovern pointed the finger at hormone imbalance.

So far I have only had two consultations and four intravenous infusions but the headaches are gone and I already feel immeasurably better. I think that Dr. Magovern’s functional medicine approach has a lot to offer many of the patients who are having great difficulties getting answers to persistent troublesome health problems. Also my headaches had stopped me exercising and since the treatment I’m back running again and begin to live again the way at 36 year old should.”

A 35-year-old nutritional therapist, mother of three children and wife to a very busy husband.

I always looked healthy and well from the outside but I really have not been well since I started having TMJ problems at the age of 10 and spent many years on strong painkillers.

For most of my life I was feeling pretty rotten, I always felt tired, bloated, sore all over, couldn’t exercise and had a fuzzy brain. I am positive by nature but without realising it I had started to suffer from anxiety and wasn’t enjoying the winter months.

I had spent a lot of money fruitlessly on expensive medical treatment and testing including functional medicine in Ireland and the UK. Dr Magovern ‘dissected’ me and found that I needed hormonal rebalancing, had a mineral imbalance which badly affected my mood and hormone balance amongst other findings.

I knew from the first time I met Dr Magovern that he genuinely cared for me and thanks to him I now have the good health that I have spent most of my life searching for. I am thrilled to say that 12 months on my quality-of-life has never been better, I never remember a time in my life feeling this good both mentally and physically. I am happy, calm, lots of energy to enjoy my kids and my relationships with my husband, family and friends, I am exercising without pain and really loving life and know now from Dr M findings that this is no longer a short term fix.

Dr. M and I are still working through things but my day-to-day life is immeasurably better. My mum who is in her 70s was also having a lot of health problems and Dr Magovern has also hugely improved her health. I would love to have met DR M years before now and I only wish there were more doctors/ therapists working like him but I will be forever grateful to him for his time, tests and knowledge to get me to where I am today, I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel this good. Above everything else I would love to think that reading this could give someone hope and encourage them to go and make that first appointment just like I did.”

Bloated stomach and constipated
I was feeling bloated in my tummy, extremely constipated and lacking in energy – my mood was getting lower and lower. Now, after just a few visits I feel so much better and my medical problems really have dissolved. I find Dr Magovern’s careful, detailed functional medicine approach really worked for me.”

A 60 year old male who was referred to Dr. Magovern by a friend.

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, over 15 years ago, which was expertly treated by a gastroenterologist but I found myself with persistent daily fatigue.
I do lead a very busy working life rising at 6am each day but my ‘ battery’ was running out by lunchtime. Also tight and painful neck and shoulders and severe constipation made day-to-day life an uncomfortable struggle.

The individualised functional medicine approach Dr Magovern uses has really helped me and the intravenous infusions (Myers Cocktail) with magnesium really helped my chronic neck and upper back pain. Nevertheless I still had quite significant fatigue I rarely had the energy to stay up to watch the Nine O’clock News.

Then Dr Magovern introduced medical ozone. What a game-changer. Now I have good energy and am able to watch the Nine O’clock News! I initially got 5/6 Ozone treatments and continue with a maintenance treatment about every 6 weeks. Admittedly Ozone treatment is expensive in monetary terms, but I look at it as an investment in my health and wellbeing.”

I am a man in my early 70s and my daughter suggested Dr Magovern

I have an excellent GP whom I really like but I could not sleep – after 20 minutes lying on one side of my body that side of my body became painful and, then, when I turned over exactly the same thing happened on the opposite side. I needed to pass urine 4- 5 times per night, I was tired, my brain was foggy and my body was sore all over.

Dr Magovern worked out a functional medicine treatment program for me, also gave me some intravenous infusions and also treated me with high-dose ozone. Now I mostly sleep through the night, my pain level is hugely diminished and my brain, once more, is sharp.”