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Update on treatments at Drummartin Clinic

Treatments at Drummartin Clinic

Online Medical Consultation

Medical ozone treatment

Prolozone treatment for joint and back pain.

Ear Ozone treatment

Sinus Ozone treatment

Intravenous vitamin

Mineral infusions

Intravenous Lipid Infusions.

Treatment services like Ozone and IV treatment are again fully operative.

Please phone us as you are parking outside. Please wear a mask and cleanse you hands on entering the Clinic.

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Blood Tests

Blood Tests

             blood tests drummartin clinic                                                              
Our Nurse Kathryn is back in action each Tuesday and Thursday morning for blood tests and intravenous treatments.

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Current Practice Arrangements for Consultations, blood tests, IV drips/ Treatments and Ozone Therapy

Online Medical Consultations


Online Medical Consultation

Consultations are taking place as usual online using which is  HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted, software platform that streamlines the delivery of telemedicine for over 200,000 healthcare providers worldwide.

As far as we can assess our patients – without exception –  have found online consultations stress-free  and very productive.

The additional benefit of not having to spend large amounts of time traveling to each consultation has been especially appreciated by those living far form Dublin like Kerry or Donegal.

Two journeys to Dublin have now been reduced to one journey to Dublin.

One benefit of the online consultation process is that new patients can avoid having to make a first trip for their first consultation and then a  second trip to Dublin on a different day specifically for blood tests.

These days we can decide online at the first consultation  which tests need to be done so one journey is saved.

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