The Frankenhauser abdominal plexus injection has been used safely for almost a century in Germany. This is a collection of nerves in the lower abdomen/ pelvis and a good idea is to consider is a bit like an informational  telephone exchange for the pelvis, bladder and the sexual organs generally.

We have been using this injection since summer 2023 with very good effect. We really haven’t publicised it and so many people do not know about it. Discomfort level is generally somewhere between 1 to 3/10 and, on average, 1-3 treatments are necessary.

The injection can be extremely helpful for period pain, severe pelvic pain, endometriosis, lack of libido, interstitial cystitis to  name only a few indications.

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Two minute very informative  video on You Tube by Ryan McWhorter MD – gives an excellent quick summary

I am going to reduce the expectations given in this video: I consider it works about 85% of the time  – NOT 100%  as Dr. McWhorter says in his video, All the same that is a pretty  good outcome  because most of the people who see us  here in Drummartin have been everywhere and tried everything” for their pelvic pain.