Investigations used include both standard and non-standard.

Standard investigations

We look at standard investigations using local hospitals to assess haematology, biochemistry and endocrinology – for many of our female patients basic endocrinology testing is very important in the diagnostic process.

Non-Standard investigations

Our non-standard investigations go abroad to the UK and the US – Ireland is too small a population base to provide local availability of specialised laboratory testing.

Non-standard investigations include:

  • Toxicology for chemicals and pesticides
  • Toxicology for heavy metals
  • Urinary organic acid markers for bacterial gut infections, how pressurized the detoxification system is, and  mitochondrial indicators
  • Toxicology for fungal toxins/mycotoxins
  • Infective disease profiles including Borrelia and viral infection
  • Walsh Research Institute Brain Nutrient profiling
  • Food intolerance testing