A Different Approach

Dr Magovern explains:
The majority of my patients who experience unexplained illnesses are women with hormone problems.

Most people who consult me will have been carefully checked out symptom wise by other doctors and reassured that nothing ‘serious’ is wrong with their health. But despite these reassurances, they will continue to experience symptoms of e.g. severe aches and pains, persistent unremitting fatigue, woeful headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent infections, debilitating mood problems, lack of libido, insomnia, menstrual cycle related mood problems and quite reasonably, I believe, they will think: “Surely there must be something wrong which can hopefully be diagnosed and fixed”.

This is the point at which I enter most patient’s lives.

A practical word of advice prior to coming to see me:

Prior to coming to see me, if you have significant or persistent symptoms, please consult your own General Practitioner who knows you well, to make sure there is no serious or life-threatening disease.

I use a Functional Medicine approach, which is looking both inside the “conventional medicine” box as well as outside of it. If you are coming to see me, we need to be able to work together over a minimum period of 4 to 6 months.

Consultations are different to the standard medical consultation in that they involve very comprehensive medical histories, examination of symptoms and they are significantly longer than in a traditional disease-based medical practice.

Online Medical Consultation

A Guide To Your Visit

Consulting with Doctor

Prior to the first consultation you will fill out an e-mail with details of your health background to facilitate our assessment of your medical problems.

At the first consultation, we will arrange relevant medical investigations, including blood tests, hormone investigations, adrenal stress tests etc.

Sometimes, as a ‘kick-start’ to your system, intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions may be suggested as an initial booster.

The second consultation takes place when all the test results are available.

Your Functional Medicine treatment plan blends standard medical treatment with nutritional/ biochemically-based therapy.

The aim is to work in harmony with your body’s innate healing capabilities rather than suppressing them.

The third consultation typically takes place about 6 to 8 weeks after the second.

A Personalised 360 Approach

Dr. Magovern and his 360 approach to medicine involves looking at the body, its complex systems and how the environment, lifestyle ,and, to some extent genetics, influence health and well being.

Often patients suffering from conditions such as back pain, low energy and digestive disturbances will also suffer from underlying issues such as inflammation, poor digestive function causing poor absorption or hormonal disturbances.

Dr. Magovern will sit down with the patient, learning their history which often takes up to an hour in the first visit.

From there, Dr. Magovern will follow the 360 matrix used to model all of the symptoms experienced by the patient using some diagnostic techniques and putting together a comprehensive 360-degree view of the patient’s health in order to fully diagnose and treat, not only the condition, but also the symptoms experienced by the patient.

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