The Myers IV cocktail is a blend of vitamins and minerals given intravenously. It was originally developed by Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician in the 1960’s and he used it to treat medical issues such as fatigue, mood problems, and infections. Dr. Myers died in 1984 and although he did not keep medical notes Dr. Gaby gradually pieced together the optimum version of the Myers cocktail from information gleaned from individual patients of Dr. Myers. Dr. Gaby is probably the foremost authority on nutritional medicine worldwide and Dr. Gaby’s version of the Myers cocktail is the one most commonly used internationally to help treat a broad spectrum of health conditions.

What’s in the Myers IV Cocktail?

Below are some of the usual ingredients of the Dr. Gaby version of Myers cocktail:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5
  • B-Complex
  • Vitamin C

While the exact ingredients can vary depending on needs of the patient only vitamins, minerals and amino-acids are used in intravenous infusions. Sometimes glutathione which is a detoxifying amino acid is added in as an extra especially in chemically sensitive patients.

There is no ‘cure all’ in medicine but for some patients IV therapy proves to be a very great help on their road to recovering their health. The Myers’ Cocktail can be extremely useful in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia including back pain and ‘stiff back’
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Tight Neck and Shoulders
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Athletic Performance
  • Tightness, Cramps, Stiffness

The unvarnished truth as I see it.

I originally did my intravenous training in the United States in 1996 and decided that intravenous infusions were a fad  – I  decided that my patients would do just as well without the hype of intravenous infusions so long as they were on the correct nutrient protocol  – how wrong I was!  Some years later around 2000 I recall struggling to improve the health of a particular patient and I thought to myself: “maybe I should try the Myers intravenous infusion?”. I gave the patient a series of infusions and the response was life-changing for that patient.  I turned into a convert and now I regularly use Myer’s cocktail with patients.

How is Myers IV Cocktail integrated into my practice?

When I first see a patient quite frequently they may be very fatigued or their bodies may be hurting a lot as in fibromyalgia-type symptoms. In many fatigue type situations, once baseline blood tests have been taken, I often suggest a course of intravenous infusions. Anecdotally 80% of fatigue and non-specific pain/fibromyalgia respond well to a course of four or five intravenous infusions given over the course of about two weeks.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Dublin, Ireland

A Guide To Your Visit

Functional Medicine Ireland

Prior to the first consultation you will fill out an e-mail with details of your health background to facilitate our assessment of your medical problems.

At the first consultation, we will arrange relevant medical investigations, including blood tests, hormone investigations, adrenal stress tests etc.

Sometimes, as a ‘kick-start’ to your system, intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions may be suggested as an initial booster.

The second consultation takes place when all the test results are available.

Your Functional Medicine treatment plan blends standard medical treatment with nutritional/ biochemically-based therapy. The aim is to work in harmony with your body’s innate healing capabilities rather than suppressing them.

The third consultation typically takes place about 6 to 8 weeks after the second.