Tiredness and Headache. Headaches and migraines are among the ten most frequent complaints which patients bring to Drummartin Clinic. Over the years I have found that it is critical to look at everything from foods and digestion to hormones to mineral absorption/status and chemical sensitivity. In a female patient who is in her reproductive years headaches may have quite a different from headaches in a post-menopausal woman or in a male.

Obviously if you are suffering from new onset headache please make sure to visit your GP/consultant before coming to see me just to get things checked out from a general medical safety point of view.

Functional medicine, standard ‘evidence based medicine’ and patient outcome:

Functional medicine is not ‘standard medicine’ nor is it considered a form of ‘evidence-based’ medicine despite having been introduced in many U.S centres of conventional medicine e.g. the Cleveland Clinic. What I offer to patients 38 years clinical experience, extensive personal study and also what I have learned personally from medical colleagues from around the globe who have devoted their lives to treating patients with unexplained symptoms.  In my experience functional medicine proves very useful much of the time in helping patients for whom pharmaceutical medicine has not worked but I emphasize that I cannot guarantee a favourable outcome.