Unique Opportunity : Practice/Clinic Nurse GP/ Functional Medicine required two full days per week (14 to 16+ hours) plus optional extra sessions.

Drummartin Clinic is arguably Ireland’s leading Functional Medicine clinic, blending ‘standard’ pharmaceutical medicine with functional medicine. We help our patients to feel truly well again and work to identify the ‘root causes’ of illness and promote real healing and natural-based therapy rather than lifelong pharmaceutical dependence wherever possible. We avoid solely suppressing symptoms while the disease process silently advances.

The majority of our patients usually have “been everywhere and tried everything” prior to seeing us. Our patients do very well and our clinical outcomes are very good. For further information please visit https://drummartinclinic.ie/testimonials/

Over time we have developed a highly-effective systems-based medical approach emphasizing natural therapies which enhance the body’s innate capacity to self-heal and we treat and have success with a wide variety of challenging medical conditions where standard pharmaceutical medicine such as CFS, IBS, fibromyalgia, PMS, severe hormonal imbalances, allergies and autoimmune disorders. The variety of conditions we treat means the work is never boring.

We blend our treatment alongside the patient’s ‘standard’ medical GP/ consultant care. When they first see us many of our new patient’s are totally dependent on a long list of pharmaceuticals. They struggle out of bed in the morning, drag themselves through the day, spend their nights in a drug-induced un-restorative sleep just so they can awaken the next day feeling as if a truck had run them over and have to do it all over again for yet another day. We have a broad practical perspective on treatment and emphasize  balance and combining natural and conventional treatment and avoid creating conflict for patients with their GP or consultant and never unilaterally instruct people to stop important conventional medical treatments.

The Clinic team is close-knit currently numbering a medical director, a nurse and two administrators /patient advocates. We have each other’s backs and support each other, work closely together and try to ‘find the fun’ whenever we can. The atmosphere is happy, positive and caring and sometimes very busy. We have lovely, appreciative patients who are a pleasure to look after.

Functional medicine is a developing area of medicine internationally and is currently limited to the US and some mainland EU countries. This job is an opportunity to gain first-hand experience working with a medical treatment model currently being introduced by several centres of excellence in the US, such as the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Arizona and The George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine.

Might this be the role for you?

The time commitment will include two full days per week but this may  be split up by mutual agreement if you prefer into a series of half day sessions. There will be optional  extra cross-cover sessions with your nursing colleague in the Clinic.

The role includes patient care and advice, phlebotomy and administration of intravenous treatments. You will work as part of a team with Kathryn our senior nurse and Dr. Magovern and will be well-mentored and supported clinically.

The ‘soft’ skills:

You will have plenty of initiative: a team-player and a good listener with empathy and kindness, an ability to laugh and to see the funny side. You will be able to ‘read’ people fairly well. You will be interested in seeing the results of your treatments change people’s lives rather than just saying “next…next….” while you die of boredom(!) The pay is good but hopefully will not be your sole motivation.

The ‘hard’ / professional skills:

The suitable candidate will likely have a minimum of five to seven years of good-quality nursing experience. You must be on the INMB General Register: we cannot take someone who is solely on the Midwifery Register. An ability to learn is a most important attribute. Background-wise you may be seeking a career change from hospital , GP or another HSE nursing job or occ. health so as to improve your work-life balance. Structured skills training will be provided for the successful candidate and we have prepared a skills training programme which will be tailored to your individual learning needs. Diverse nursing backgrounds will be considered just as long as you have been successful professionally. As an example Nurse Kathryn McDermott-Teehan comes from a cardiology/CCU background followed by a long period as a paediatric ICU clinical nurse manager.

We will wait for the right person. We realize the right person may not be available immediately and are flexible regarding a start date and we are prepared to wait while you give notice.

Paid training will be provided and there will be ongoing mentoring and training with Nurse Kathryn McDermott-Teehan and also Dr.Magovern.

Starting date is flexible. Salary Pro rata €50,000-54,000 per annum. (€27-30PH).

To apply: Please send in your CV and a brief cover note to vacancies@drummartinclinic.ietelling us a bit about yourself, why this position interests you and what particular skills or attributes you can offer. A cover note will be very helpful for us in compiling a short-list for interview.

Following interview the selected candidate will be invited to spend a a few hours shadowing Nurse Kathryn McDermott-Teehan that you can see the role in close-up.

Part-time hours: Two full days (14-16+ hours per week). There also may be  an option divide up the sessions over several days. Opportunity for extra sessions during nursing colleague’s holiday Monday to Friday only. We close over Christmas and New Year.