Reservations And Cancellations Policy

If you wish to cancel please give us two working days* notice. We try to set aside ‘decent’ (i.e. non-rushed) amounts of time whether for consultation or treatment. Because, thankfully, there is a lot of interest in our services and appointments may be booked quite far in advance. If someone does not attend as booked or fails to give adequate notice of cancellation then an appointment which could have been given to another patient, is wasted.

We really do not want to create a long list of rules but to make the system work for everybody we have to operate a ‘strict’ Reservations and Cancellations Policy which is as follows:

*Appointments may be cancelled up to two working days (e.g. a Monday morning appointment must be cancelled on Thursday morning at latest ) prior to the scheduled appointment without any charge.

If you cancel your appointment within two working days , or do not show up at all, the credit card used to guarantee the reservation will be charged the amount of the deposit.

A credit/visa card guarantee of 50% of the fee is required to confirm appointments.

Thank you for your understanding.