Booking Consultations: first consultations last approximately one hour – it is essential that you complete your questionnaire carefully beforehand.

In most ‘mystery symptom’ medical cases a very careful and searching first consultation is the cornerstone of a successful outcome.

Second consultations last 30 to 40 minutes and usually take place about 3 to 4  weeks  after the initial consultation. At this consultation I integrate medical history with the findings from the investigations and I usually then put a first treatment plan in place. Sometimes if the situation is less complicated and no tests have to go abroad, then the first follow-up consultation may be in 2 to 3 weeks.

Third and subsequent consultations last 30 to 40 minutes and usually take place 6 to 12 weeks after the second consultation.

Because we have such long consultation times we need two full working days notice of a change of appointment. E.g. we need to know by Wednesday afternoon if an appointment for the following Monday is being cancelled.

If you cancel a booking consultation at Drummartin Clinic at short notice you will be charged half of the fee for that appointment. Brief notice cancellations inconvenience the practice and deprive other patients of needed appointments.


We have secretaries who are very well informed in terms of whether it is likely that I will be able to help you or not.

We must see your questionnaire before we commit to giving you an appointment.

I always stress that I am not a magician and am merely human. There are no gold-plated guarantees of a good outcome,but I have been doing this kind of work for most of my medical career which now spans over 40 years as a doctor.

You will need to work with me and may have to make lifestyle changes in addition to  using supplements/medicines.

Currently most of our consultation work is via end-to-end encrypted video consultations. As I write Covid 19 may just be beginning a second wave, so there is a remote video consultation option for all consultations, but obviously not for blood tests or  ozone treatments.

U.K Patients: Any patient coming from the United Kingdom – and that unquestionably includes Northern Ireland – must have a first consultation in person despite whether there is a general practitioner or consultant referral.

Once the doctor-patient relationship has commenced  in Ireland i.e. in the ‘home’ jurisdiction, then video link can be used for subsequent consultations for the same problem(sorry it is a bit pedantic).   The original purpose of this rule was to reduce potential risks of misdiagnosis which might arise if a previously unknown patient with a new medical problem were solely assessed on video.

Our practice nurse takes blood tests and carries out intravenous infusions 2 to 3 mornings per week.