Treatment comprises two aspects

  • Fix what has gone wrong so as to stop things going wrong in future.
  • Get you back to feeling like your ‘old’ self again and ‘ready for most things’.

Treatment approaches support biochemical functioning and improve well-being, The majority of the treatments, whilst these are not standard, accepted treatments in Irish Medicine,  many of are used in other European countries and around the world by a significant minority of doctors.

There may be few  double-blind clinical trials carried out but I am, personally very pleased with results which I see on a daily basis. These treatments are not patentable and so any pharmaceutical industry research would not benefit pharmaceutical sales which perhaps goes a long way to explaining the lack of research funding.

Treatments used include:

Treating you. Any necessary lifestyle modifications (I am a strong supporter of the “don’t make the cure worse than the disease” school of medical treatment )- I try to get my patients better without taking assuming  tight control of every detail  of their lives and removing all of life’s pleasures on a short-term basis. Nevertheless there may be some months of relatively stringent lifestyle modifications. I’m also conscious that many individuals coming to see me have already tried very strict lifestyle modifications on a purely empirical basis without any success and naturally this has, frequently, been a source of major discouragement.

That being said, if you are suffering from severe fatigue and brain fog and want to continue drinking a bottle of wine every night of the week then maybe don’t bother coming to see me because you be wasting your time and mine. Sophisticated functional medicine and therapies such as intravenous infusions and ozone will not ‘hold back the dam’ if someone wants to continue abusing their health daily.feThat being said I want you to, within reason, have ‘breakouts’. It  is part of enjoying life. Li would be boring with no treats : no  cake or wine or chocolate!


Treatment strategies used

  • Normalising hormone levels – especially relevant in females – here generally the focus is on oestrogen therapy administered transdermally or by buccal (inside the cheek) administration so as to avoid stress which oral oestrogens may put on the liver. We use both oral bio -similar progesterone and also bio similar progesterone creams as well as buccal progesterone should the need arise.
  • Normalisation of the digestive and immune systems
  • Improvement of the body’s elimination systems especially the liver, improve lymphatic drainage
  • Treat/ eliminate any long-term infections, some which may go back a long time e.g. the glandular fever/infectious mononucleosis which occurred during the teenage years and which is still causing recurrent bouts of post viral type symptoms. Treatment may be bacterial, viral or fungal. A significant number of individuals with long-term illnesses have high levels of fungal infections which generate fungal toxins (mycotoxins) in their body contributing to seemingly ‘weird’ multisystem symptoms (from spinal ‘buzzing’ chemical sensitivity to sensitivity to electrostatic discharge) which may perplex doctors and , from the perspective of standard medical thinking, may both mistakenly raise questions of a possible psychiatric diagnosis and cause patients to lose self-belief.
  • Ten Pass ozone treatment
  • Ear ozone insufflation treatment
  • Prolozone/ Ozone joint injection for joint pain including hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, plantar fasciitis
  • Prolozone /Ozone forlowback/lumbar area pain
  • Prolozone /Ozone for sacro-iliac joint pain and discomfort
  • Dr John Myers ‘cocktail’ intravenous (I.V.) infusion
  • Phospholipid/phosphatidylcholine infusion developed by Dr Patricia Kane (The PK Protocol)
  • Intravenous glutathione