Multi Pass Ozone Therapy

Multi Pass Ozone Therapy in Dublin

Treatments which show real promise

Standard ozone therapy delivers a maximal ozone dose of approximately 12mg. Multi pass ozone treatment delivers an ozone dosage 11 to 12 times greater i.e. approximately 140 mg. The treatment takes 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

Ozone increases the number and efficiency of the mitochondria (energy batteries) in cells throughout the body, helps the immune system in fighting persistent infection and improves oxygen delivery to the tissues. This advanced form of ozone treatment is used on humans in the United States, Germany and Austria and China. It also is being used on racehorses around the world – particularly in in the Middle East. Racehorses run much better after ozone!

This treatment is expensive €750 per treatment because of the amount of equipment, time and disposables used. Also I have to oversee each treatment personally for insurance reasons.  If you really have been very unwell for a while please think in terms of treatment a week over 10 weeks. Some patients respond positively very quickly but some patients whose immune system is weak may become very tired after each treatment for several treatments until they turn the corner – this is because the ozone treatment begins to switch on their immune system so that it begins fighting whatever infection it is present and the fatigue after the treatment as a by-product of the immune stimulation.

I am pleased with my experience so far. Currently I seen the main indications as: chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic persistent infections, inflammatory disorders. Prof Lahodny in Vienna has had great success with autoimmune diseases including Parkinson’s, SLE and multiple sclerosis – I attended a three-day workshop in San Diego California which he gave for doctors like me and his clinical results were very impressive but there were a few – not too many though – failures thrown in. Of course nothing works for everyone as I keep on saying but this is a treatment which I wish I had in my hands years ago. There is a lot of information on the web about it and I have prepared a three page handout for you to read if you so desire. If you have had problems from long-term symptoms and nothing has really worked I think it is worth reading more about this treatment and considering it as a treatment option.

Maintain a healthy scepticism but I would suggest a look at the following:

This is a one hour interview with Dr  Howard Liebowitz. It’s a bit ‘infomercial’ but it is interesting:

Robert Rowen MD is a medical pioneer and has done a lot of work with ozone and taught many, many doctors over the years:  – this is only one of his many videos.

I also would suggest just doing a Google or YouTube Search on ‘Ten Pass Ozone Treatment’ and see what you find.