Over the past 12 months we have introduced more advanced prolozone treatments for neck and back pain

We have introduced a new treatment option for patients who have exhausted standard neck and back pain treatments, such as physiotherapy, exercise, osteopathy, and potentially even neurosurgical treatments like nerve blocks.  The responses exhibited by these patients have generally been overwhelmingly positive. In our experience, prolozone has proven to be beneficial for many patients with previously unsuccessful treatment for back and neck pain.

 Pain in areas other than  neck and back

Our experience over the past few years has demonstrated consistently positive outcomes when employing prolozone treatments for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle ailments. With the exception of the hip joint, not all hip issues consistently exhibit positive responses to prolozone treatment.

In contrast to 80% plus excellent response for the other joints named above  only 30% of hips respond positively what you need to do is check this : Can you put the ankle on the same side as the troubled hip on the opposite knee and manage to get your (lower leg/calf)  almost parallel to the floor? If you can do this then there is a fairly decent chance your hip will respond .